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AT&T Interactive and Citysearch Announce Distribution Agreement

Friday, May 7, 2010

This week, we’ve discussed the importance of multi-platform advertising for local businesses seeking to reach ready-to-buy consumers wherever they are. Now, I’m eager to highlight the significance of inter-platform advertising opportunities as a means of generating additional visibility and leads.

On the digital front, our industry is not only expanding the reach of Internet Yellow Pages directories, we’re also partnering with a variety of popular local search sites including Yelp and Citysearch in an effort to provide our clients with more ways to reach online consumers.

This week, AT&T Interactive—which recently rebranded its flagship YP.COM and added new features to its YPMobile app—became the latest Yellow Pages company to announce a new distribution agreement with Citysearch. The move comes just a month after Dex One and Citysearch entered into a similar partnership.

Under the new arrangement, sponsored listings from YP.COM will have the opportunity to appear on CityGrid, Citysearch’s extensive local content and advertising network. The new agreement builds on an existing relationship between Citysearch and AT&T Interactive where Citysearch listings, user reviews and editorial content have the opportunity to be displayed on YP.COM.

Additionally, YP.COM advertisers will have the opportunity to place ads alongside content on Citysearch or other CityGrid publisher web properties, and CityGrid reseller partners will have access to distribute advertising across YP.COM.

This open arrangement benefits local businesses by allowing them to explore new, exciting online advertising opportunities— all within their established Yellow Pages marketing strategies.

For more information, read the full AT&T Interactive and Citysearch release here.

Sensis: ‘Traditional and Digital Together is Far More Powerful Than Digital Alone’

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Earlier this week, I shared an article I wrote for Search Engine Land that talked about the importance of multi-platform advertising in generating new leads for local businesses.

Today, I’m happy to see that our Australian member Sensis—which I cited in the article—also shares my view that generating local business visibility across various channels increases the opportunity for meaningful results.

In a post on the company’s blog, Speaking Sensis, Wayne Aspland discusses two recent studies which show that despite common perceptions, both digital and traditional media usage are up recently. As he explains, increases in online usage have not come at the expense of traditional usage – instead, digital and traditional usage have grown together.

Given this data, Wayne argues that “we should put an end to these phony media wars and start realizing we’re all in this together…because, clearly, that’s what consumers (and advertisers) want.”

I couldn’t agree more. Here’s the link to Wayne’s post.

YPA ELITE IYP® and Share of Voice® Offerings Receive Positive Feedback from Industry

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At our YPA Annual Conference in Las Vegas last month, we announced the addition of two new YPA offerings that will help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Yellow Pages advertising:

  • YPA ELITE IYP®, a new proprietary industry system created with MediaTraks that allows publishers and Certified Marketing Representatives (CMRs) to facilitate national orders, graphics and artwork transmittal transactions for Internet Yellow Pages and other digital products. YPA ELITE IYP® is the Internet Yellow Pages extension of YPA ELITE®, the sole processing system for national print Yellow Pages orders, which currently executes close to 4 million transactions each year.
  • Share of Voice®, an interface that will enable publishers and CMRs to conduct detailed directory analyses for client and marketing purposes faster and more cost effectively.  This new system will assist local and national sales channels in  assessing the competitiveness of their clients and providing a high quality media planning tool to grow and defend Yellow Pages revenue.  YPA is uniquely positioned to provide this tool as a result of its Directories Online system which encompasses more than 7,000 Yellow Pages directories.

I’m happy to report that the industry feedback we’ve received on these offerings so far has been extremely positive. Both publishers and CMRs across the country understand the importance of facilitating continued Yellow Pages growth by creating new, innovative systems that will deliver quality advertising opportunities and results for our clients. They are looking to YPA to continue to anticipate the marketplace and provide new services that increase productivity and streamline existing processes.

In fact, Dex One is already up and running and we expect to announce several major online publishers will be coming aboard in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned.

For more information on these programs and the expansion of IYPs, read our press release here.

The Importance of Multi-Platform Advertising

Monday, May 3, 2010

In my Search Engine Land article posted today, I talk about how in today’s digital world, the most successful local search campaigns are those that create integration and leverage audiences across technologies.

Just last week, we blogged about findings from a recent Sensis “free pizza” campaign which found that when consumers need to locate local business information, the majority turn to Yellow Pages’ various offerings.

That’s why a multi-platform approach, championed by our industry, makes the most sense for local business advertising. It realizes the benefits and opportunities available across all forms of media, whether they’re in print, online or on mobile.

To read my full Search Engine Land article, click here.