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Google My Business Tips for Multi-Location Businesses

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

During last week’s webinar, Andrew Shotland, proprietor at Local SEO Guide, walked through Google My Business (formerly Google Places) issues for multi-location businesses and provided some tips for how to deal with them.  He also provided detail on on-page local SEO tactics including markup that can improve the display of search results for consumers.

Here are some of the highlights from the webinar:

  • Questions multi-location businesses should ask before deciding on linking to homepage or location page on Google My Business: How many locations?; Which page has “authority” (links)?; and which is the preferred landing page?
  • On Google My Business, do not create new listing when rebranding. Simply change name of business on listing.
  • When changing locations, once again, do not create a new location, but update location once the location opens.
  • While it will take a long time to update, when actual address is missing from maps, some of the primary places to go to update the mapping data include: Google Map Maker, TeleAtlas, TomTom, and OpenStreetMap.
  • It is good to list multiple practitioners at single location (real estate agents, doctors, etc.) but try and differentiate them somehow with different phone numbers.
  • Be the first to upload photos to your Google My Business page in order to prevent other, unrelated pictures from becoming your business profile image.
  • In Google Carousel results, the top two-thirds of your profile photo will be what users see when you show up, so optimize the picture accordingly.

Check out the entire presentation below:

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Mo Locations Mo Problems: SEO Tactics for Multi-Location Businesses

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Please join LSA and guest presenter Andrew Shotland for an exclusive webinar presentation next Thursday, June 26 from 2 pm – 3 pm EST.

During this webinar, Andrew Shotland will walk you through common Google Places issues for multi-location businesses and provide some tips for how to deal with them.  He’ll also provide detail on on-page local SEO tactics including markup that can improve the display of search results for consumers.

Andrew is the proprietor of a leading search consultancy with a specialty in SEO for local search, enterprise-level search marketing and corporate training and is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land.

Spots are limited so reserve your seat today!

Local SEO Expert Confesses Value of Print Yellow Pages

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In an article posted on Search Engine Land this week, Andrew Shotland of Local SEO Guide, a local search engine optimization consulting company, made a stark admission: he uses the print Yellow Pages.

Shotland’s day job is focused on promoting the value of digital advertising solutions for local businesses. But when a main water pipe to his house started to leak and flooded his lawn, Andrew admits he turned to his Yellow Pages directory to find a local plumber to help fix the problem.

On this blog, we frequently cite the various reasons why print Yellow Pages continue to play an important role in the local search experience. However, nothing we say can compare to the words of support spoken from a respected digital enthusiast like Andrew.

You can read Andrew’s piece here.

DMS ’10: Social Media Opens New Avenues to Generate Leads

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Social media is impacting the way all of us do business these days, and today’s panel here at DMS ’10 showcased three companies that are successfully leveraging opportunities in the space to generate quality leads.

After an overview of the state of social media from panel moderator Andrew Shotland, Proprietor of, the panel dove into presentations about their individual offerings.

Zeev Gruber, VP Marketing and Business Development for Golden Pages Israel, talked about his company’s success relative to other global Yellow Pages companies in generating followings on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter..

Gruber credited Golden Pages’ focus on finding creative ways to allow consumer to “have fun” with promotions as the reason why its Facebook page has attracted more than 4,000 fans.

Gruber noted a coupon promotion for a local ice cream company featured on the Golden Pages’ Facebook page which asked consumers to vote on their favorite flavor of ice cream. The promotion attracted participation from 17,000 users, but only 4,000 users printed the coupon and of that, 1,000 actually came to get the ice cream. He said these results indicated to him that consumers are looking to have fun around promotions rather just receive free items. He said that building that enthusiasm around products, however, will eventually lead to sales down the road.

Paul Dawalibi, President and CEO of Praized Media, said his company’s focus on listening and responding to conversations taking place in social media is the best way for businesses to advertise products and services to people who want them in real-time.

Praized automatically monitors online conversations and finds points of entry for its staff to contact users with local business information that is relevant to them. The result, according to Dawalibi, is generating “hundreds of new customers out of thin air” without the need for local businesses to be directly involved.

Michael Francesconi, Director, Content and Community of CityGrid Media, credited his company’s integration with social media channels with generating increased user traffic and relevance for his site.

Francesconi said CityGrid was the first company to begin listing both local business information and their social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter alongside one another.

He added that CityGrid provides the tools necessary for local businesses to engage directly with consumers through social media, which in today’s world is just as providing a phone number or street address.

Seems that users of social media just want to have fun!

BIA/Kelsey’s DMS ’10 Conference Just Weeks Away: Sept. 14-16 in Dallas

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This year, Yellow Pages Association is proud to once again partner with BIA/Kelsey to present Directional Media Strategies (DMS), one of the most important industry conferences of the year, scheduled for Sept. 14-16, 2010, at the InterContinental Hotel in Dallas.

For those of you who haven’t yet signed up for DMS ‘10, be sure to check out the latest version of the agenda and list of speakers to get a better sense of the exciting lineup we have in store for this year’s conference:

Several highlights include:

  • Bruce Cortterill, CEO of Yellow Pages Group in New Zealand, will provide an inside look at how one incumbent operator has successfully focused on increasing value in the short-term while preparing the organization for long-term success.
  • Paul Dawalibi, President and CEO, Praized Media; Michael Francesconi, Director, Content and Community, CityGrid Media; and Andrew Shotland, Proprietor,, will discuss how Yellow Pages publishers can realistically make the shift from traditional to social media.
  • The future of Digital Yellow Pages will be debated by top minds in the industry, including Eitan Ackerman, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales Engineering, Amdocs; Gianluca Carerra, VP New Media, Truvo; Sivan Metzger, GM, Kenshoo Local; Neil Salvage, Executive VP Advertising, CityGrid Media; and Gregg Stewart, President, 15Miles.

We’re really looking forward to DMS ‘10 and the great exchange of ideas and building of business relationships that will take place. To register, visit the conference registration page today to benefit from reduced pricing. See you in Dallas!