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SuperMedia Uses QR Code Technology to Link Old and New Media

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We frequently blog about the strong value that Yellow Pages’ integrated advertising options provide for businesses in their efforts to reach consumers.

Now, SuperMedia is taking “integrated” to another level by becoming the first U.S. Yellow Pages company to introduce Quick Response (QR) code technology nationally on the covers of its Yellow Pages directories—seamlessly linking its traditional print offerings with its newest mobile apps and tools. The QR codes will also appear inside directories and in direct mail advertising.

If you aren’t familiar with QR code technology, it has to do with a matrix barcode, readable through QR scanners and mobile phones, that’s encoded with data. The barcode can include text, URL, or other data that provides the device with information or action items, like directing users to a specific website or downloading a file.

SuperMedia will use QR code in a variety of ways:

  • QR codes located on the cover and in the SuperYellowPages as advertisements promoting SuperMedia will prompt users to download the free SuperpagesMobile app.
  • SuperMedia ads with the QR codes in the SuperYellowPages will prompt users to register for the SuperGuarantee program.
  • QR codes on the back of SuperpagesDirect card packs will direct users to an array of local online coupons on

The integration of QR technology will give SuperMedia print users more opportunities to take advantage of the company’s growing array of online and mobile offerings. For some, it may be the first time they’ve heard of SuperMedia’s mobile app or its online coupons site—and there couldn’t be an easier way for them to get on board.

I look forward to hearing more about how the QR code helps drive awareness for SuperMedia’s digital and mobile products, as well as the benefits it provides not only for consumers, but for our clients advertising with these new tools.