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Greg Sterling Highlights Opportunities with Indoor Location Technology

Monday, December 2, 2013

During his webinar, Greg Sterling, industry expert, gave an overview of the indoor location marketing ecosystem, various technologies in use, indoor analytics and the way in which online-to-offline tracking will revolutionize ROI.  Some takeaways from the webinar include:

  •  Web-influenced offline spending is worth nearly $2 trillion annually.
  • Large majorities of internet users do research online before buying in stores or engaging local service providers.
  • People consult their smartphones for price and product information before deciding whether to buy.
  • The big opportunity for local marketers with indoor location is tracking online to offline activity.
  • 59% of searches on Yelp are from mobile.
  • Smartphones at critical mass
  • Basic location infrastructure in place (mobile network + WiFi) to make indoor location work
  • Consumers are widely using smartphones in stores and are willing to share location for benefits
  • Brands/retailers want the data and want to have “conversation” with their customers near POS
  • 40% to 50% of search/lookups on various YP sites are from mobile (globally)
  • Nearly 50% of Groupon transactions in Q2 (North America) came from mobile
  • Google Maps has more mobile than PC users (as of Q4 2012)

Check out the entire presentation below.

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‘Search Starts Here’: 2013 SMB State of the Union

Monday, April 15, 2013

Industry analysts Greg Sterling and Neal Polachek delivered an “SMB State of the Union” address this morning. Their key message was that small businesses are facing heavy competition and need the industry’s help.

Neal compares the current situation with the rise of big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Staples, and Dominos years ago. He says now the same phenomenon is happening within the service sector in areas like dentistry, beauty, and auto maintenance.

Greg put the problem small businesses are facing simply: When making buying decisions consumers choose the “path of least resistance” and big brands have the resources to provide a more streamlined process.

With so many digital platforms available, small businesses are having trouble keeping up. Analysts are finding that businesses are investing in SEO, social, and other online marketing functions however they may not be developing comprehensive approaches. Owners often lack the knowledge to optimize their marketing strategy and don’t have the time to address inaccuracies on search engines and online directories.

Small business owners want and need a partner they can call to help manage their digital marketing presence so that they can focus on their core business. Neal predicts there is a $3.9 billion opportunity for the industry to help small businesses move from their current fragmented approach to best practice on digital platforms.

Implied Intelligence Test Proves Yellow Pages Sites Beat Google in Accuracy

Monday, April 16, 2012

Last year, results from our “Local Media Tracking Study” conducted by Burke showed that consumers consider Yellow Pages listings the most accurate when compared to other local search media. Now a new listings accuracy test conducted by Denver-based Implied Intelligence confirms what consumers have said along.

According to an article by Greg Sterling on Search Engine Land, Implied Intelligence hand-checked 1,000 independent, U.S.-based local business websites and compared the information it captured to data on major local search websites including Bing Maps, Citysearch, DexKnows, Foursquare, SuperPages, and others. Each site was scored on whether it listed the business, contained duplicates, included accurate information, and the amount of additional content it incorporated (e.g., content beyond business name, phone number, etc.).

As the chart above indicates, Internet Yellow Pages websites and SuperPages beat out Google and other local sites when it came to listing duplicates and phone and address errors.

Additionally, beat out Google and other local sites when measuring the amount of additional information incorporated in a listing, including the business URL, hours of operation, and other helpful background.

When measured collectively, both SuperPages and bested Google Maps and other local sites on all accuracy measures.

I think this study reinforces our belief that local businesses and consumers benefit from the unmatched accuracy of Yellow Pages listings. The high quality of Yellow Pages listings has been recognized within the local search industry itself, as various search engines and local sites have entered into agreements with Yellow Pages companies to incorporate and supplement their listings. I’m glad to see that as we move into the online and mobile space, Yellow Pages providers are continuing to lead the field in this important measure.

Local Mobile Search Roundup: Google Android Dominates, Apple iPhone 4S Launches, Superpages Debuts New Mobile App

Friday, October 7, 2011

Google Android Continues to Grow Share of U.S. Smartphone Market

comScore released its monthly mobile subscribers study this week, and the results represent an ongoing trend in the industry: Google Android up, Apple iPhone flat, RIM BlackBerry down:

  • Google Android: 43.7% in August, up 5.6% from 38.1% in May
  • Apple iPhone: 27.3% in August, up 0.7% from 26.6% in May
  • RIM BlackBerry: 19.7%, down 5% from 24.7% in May

Additionally, the report had some interesting stats on usage:

  • 70% of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging (+1%)
  • Browsers are used by 42.1% of subscribers (+2.3%)
  • Applications used by 41.6% of subscribers (+3%)
  • Social networking + blogs accessed by 30.9% of subscribers (+2.3%)
  • Games played by 28.5% of subscribers (+1.6%)
  • Music listened to by 20.7% of subscribers (+2.1%)

As our industry continues to embrace new opportunities in mobile, it’s important for us to keep a close eye on these developments so that we can leverage areas of growth and recognize platforms in decline. For example, it’s increasingly clear that RIM’s BlackBerry is a fading leader in the mobile space.

Apple Unveils iPhone 4S

In a widely-anticipated announcement this week, Apple unveiled its next generation iPhone. But the news was somewhat disappointing to consumers, who were expecting the launch of iPhone 5, not the debuted iPhone 4S. Nonetheless, Apple says the new phone, which carries the same external design of iPhone 4, has a faster dual-core A5 processer, a camera with double the resolution and sharpness for crisp photos and video, and faster load time for web pages and video. The device also features Siri, a voice-controlled personal assistant, which among other things allows users to speak online searches. It will surely be interesting to see how this change affects our industry’s ongoing work in the mobile space – Siri sounds like it will be a powerful tool in helping consumers find local businesses.

Apple, which said iPhone 4S will also be available for the first time on Sprint, also announced that the older version iPhone 3GS will be available free to consumers with a two year contract. Given all of these developments, we’ll be keeping a close eye on how iPhone’s market share fairs in the face of Android competition over the next few quarters. Launches New Mobile App released a complete redesign of its Superpages mobile application user-interface and search engine technology. According to a press release shared yesterday, the updated Yellow Pages by Superpages app is easier to use with a new single field auto-complete search, voice search and a category spinner. The app allows users to search the Yellow or White Pages, find business information, maps, driving directs, consumer reviews, movie listings and more. Screenwerk’s Greg Sterling calls the app “more fun, social, [and] useful.Download this 4.0 version of the app on the iTunes app store.

Study: Majority of Small Businesses on Social Media, But Engagement is Limited

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As we frequently discuss on the blog, social media presents an opportunity for small businesses to interact and build loyalty among their existing customers, as well as attract new ones. It also gives small businesses the ability to help control their online reputation, especially when it comes to negative reviews.

In an interesting post on Search Engine Land, Greg Sterling discusses the results of a new study by Palore which found that nearly six in 10 small businesses (58%) have a presence on either Facebook or Twitter, but that only 22% had a presence on both social networks. The study also indicated that the percentage of small businesses with Facebook pages is nearly double the share of those using Twitter.

Palore’s analysis looked at more than 1,110 small businesses in two categories – restaurants and spas – in Philadelphia and San Diego in conducting its review. It focused only on small businesses with websites.

However, the good news about the high percentage of small businesses participating on social media is dampened by additional results of the study, which found that the level of consumer engagement on these social media pages is generally low. According to Palore, approximately 38% of Facebook pages had fewer than 100 likes, while nearly 45% of Twitter pages had fewer than 100 followers. Only a handful of small businesses’ Facebook pages had more than 1,000 likes (16%) and more than 1,000 followers (19%).

As Greg notes, while small businesses are doing a good job getting on social media, they seem to be having difficultly figuring out how to engage consumers once they’re there. As an industry, we have a lot of work ahead of us in helping to educate small businesses about various ways to use social media to promote their businesses and build their online reputations.

Yell Offers Charity Donations in Exchange for Local Business Reviews

Monday, October 25, 2010

Over the weekend, Screenwerk’s Greg Sterling wrote a post noting that TrustedPlaces, the popular UK local review site purchased by Yell in May, is now fully integrated into

With the integration complete, Yell today announced plans to promote its new offering by launching a major online initiative to drive consumer reviews and ratings of local businesses and services on its website,  while at the sime time generating donations for national and local UK charities.

According to today’s release, users will now have the opportunity to write reviews for local businesses such as restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons, with the service soon to be extended to plumbers and accountants. Under the program, users can select a charity they wish to support, with every review they write resulting in a 25p (approximately $0.40) donation from Yell to that charity. Yell said is is developing a network of national and local charities that consumers can choose from.

I think Yell’s program is a great idea because it builds interest and visibility for’s local listings and business reviews, while simulanously allowing consumers to do a good deed for the charities they care about most. I look forward to seeing how much money is raised as a result of this initiative!

UK’s Yell Group Purchases TrustedPlaces

Thursday, May 20, 2010

In yet another example of a Yellow Pages company expanding its footprint in the popular online local review space, Yell Group announced today that is has acquired TrustedPlaces, one of the leading neighborhood review sites in the UK.

According to Yell’s press release, the addition of TrustedPlaces’ user recommendations, combined with Yell’s database of more than two million local businesses, represents “a major shake-up of the fast-growing local reviews market.” Yell believes its purchase will strongly benefit its small business advertisers by generating additional leads and creating an environment for valuable interaction between existing and potential customers.

While the initial integration will take place under the domain in the UK, the company said it will share TrustedPlaces’ technology with other Yell companies in the US, Spain, and Latin America.

In a post on his blog Screenwerk, Greg Sterling notes that the acquisition is a “smart move” that complements’s recent redesign, which also included the addition of new street maps features and a business video channel.

AT&T, Yellow Pages Group, SuperMedia and others have also recently introduced new offerings that take advantage of online consumer reviews and social media—adding additional value to the company’s Internet Yellow Pages directories.

Yell Introduces New Street Maps Feature and Business Video Channel

Monday, May 10, 2010

Back in March, we shared news that the UK’s Yell Group had launched a new Augmented Reality iPhone app for Yellow Pages listings – one that we felt showed the company’s leadership in the mobile search space.

Now, Yell is showcasing its latest innovations on its popular online Yellow Pages directory,

In a post on Screenwerk on Friday, Greg Sterling wrote that Yell worked with C3 and Tridoo to create new 3D maps and street-level photography tools on its website for cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

Sterling said that he believes Yell’s maps offering poses “the first real challenge to Google Maps in the UK” and “adds huge value to Yell.” I agree that the technology and quality of the images are first-rate – check them out by clicking here.

Additionally, Sterling notes that Yell introduced a new video channel that features clips from local businesses, and a “shortlists” tool, which allows consumers to create a list of their top 10 favorite businesses that can be shared via e-mail and social networks. launched the offerings with new branding and a fresh design on its website, including clearer layouts that improve the search experience.

Check out the new here and let us know what you think.

Advertisers Should Make Informed Decision

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

In my column this week on Search Engine Land, I talk about the need for local business advertisers to separate perception and reality about how people are searching for business information.

The marketplace is full of misleading commentary about whether print Yellow Pages is dead, without regard for the research that shows healthy usage, especially among certain age groups and in certain geographies.

In order to make an informed decision, however, local businesses need to be up-to-speed with current usage patterns as they relate to both traditional and new digital advertising options. They also should be aware of how Yellow Pages companies are integrating new platforms into their portfolios in order to deliver a hybrid model that maximizes consumer reach and drives business results.

I hope you’ll check out my column on Search Engine Land and some of the follow-up discussion on Greg Sterling’s blog. Adds SuperGuarantee to Mobile Apps

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just weeks after announcing a continuation and expansion of its successful SuperGuarantee program, said yesterday that it is integrating the program into SuperPages Mobile applications.

In a release, the company said its mobile users can now sign up for SuperGuarantee, find qualified businesses, register service appointments, and file claims straight from their wireless device. Currently, SuperPages mobile apps are available on iPhone or iPod touch, BlackBerry, and Google Android platforms—with Palm Pre and Windows Mobile apps coming soon, according to the company’s Web site.

Yellow Pages mobile apps are increasingly in the news. Last week, UK’s Yell Group announced an Augmented Reality iPhone App that allows users to see business information for more than two million local shops, offices, restaurants and other useful services through the iPhone’s camera viewer.

According to Greg Sterling’s blog Screenwerk, SuperMedia CEO Scott Klein credited the SuperGuarantee program in January with helping drive “meaningful spikes in registrations and healthy improvement in possession and usage.” Klein told Sterling that in “90% of measured markets; possession and usage are up in double digits” as a result of the program.

I think we can expect the mobile version of SuperGuarantee to only expand the program’s popularity and benefit to SuperMedia’s local business customers.