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JiWire Highlights Importance of Targeting Beyond Location on Mobile

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

During their webinar last week, JiWire explored the ways in which advertisers are finding success by targeting custom audience segments at exact moments in their lives.  They shared some case studies that showed how using various pieces of consumer information in addition to location can make mobile brand messages more relevant.

Check out their entire presentation below:

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Beyond Location: Engaging Mobile Audiences with Smarter Targeting

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Please join LSA and JiWire for an exclusive webinar presentation next Thursday, February 13 from 2 pm – 3 pm EST.

We are all aware of the significant opportunity that exists for national brands and SMBs to engage prospective customers in mobile across regional, local and neighborhood geographies.  But with all of the ways we capture consumer data, there is an even bigger opportunity to target beyond location. In this webinar, JiWire will explore the ways in which advertisers are finding success in targeting custom audience segments at exact moments in their lives, making brand messages more relevant.

JiWire is the leading location-powered mobile advertising and data platform, connecting advertisers with engaged mobile audiences at scale. JiWire’s Location Graph™ is a multi-layered learning machine that has accumulated hundreds of billions of data points to offer advertisers true one-to-one audience targeting on mobile. Since 2003 they have been leveraging proprietary historical and present location data from both wi-fi and mobile networks to understand audiences across all mobile devices, ultimately delivering high performance campaigns for clients.

Spots are limited so reserve your seat today!

xAd Webinar Discusses Amplifying Reach of Traditional Media with Mobile Ads

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

During their recent webinar, Blair Vincent and John Silverman of xAd discussed the growing opportunities with mobile location-based advertising and the new and exciting implementations that have recently come to light. They talked about how mobile is expanding the reach of any marketing mix for their clients by amplifying, while refining the target area and audience focus.  Finally, they highlighted some current successful implementations of mobile-location advertising used alongside traditional placements and the value therein. Here are some of the takeaways:

  • There are 5 times as many cell phones in the world as there are PC’s.
  • Just 11% of time spent on mobile is used for search which is why display ads can be helpful when trying to get in front of consumers the other 89% of the time.
  • Location is the real world cookie in that it provides the necessary data to give relevant, timely mobile messages, similar to the way cookies inform advertising on browsers.
  • Locally relevant ad messages are just as important as the targeting. Leveraging local events, weather and the like is critical.
  • Apply mobile targeting technology to current traditional media placements to amplify audience reach and campaign performance.
  • Understand how local audiences prefer to interact with your brand or business.
  • Continue to analyze and re-focus messaging and calls to action for optimal performance.

Check out the entire presentation below:

How Mobile Can Amplify the Reach of Traditional Media

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Please join LSA and xAd for an exclusive webinar presentation next Thursday, October 24 from 2 pm – 3 pm EST.

As mobile location-based advertising opportunities expand, new and exciting implementations have come to light. Mobile expands the reach of any marketing mix by amplifying, while refining the target area and audience focus. In this webinar, xAd’s Blair Vincent, director of strategic partnerships, will dive into current successful implementations of mobile-location advertising used alongside traditional placements and the value therein.

xAd works to connect businesses with their target mobile consumers. They are the largest location based mobile ad network in the U.S., aggregating and managing over 30 billion location-specific ad requests per month, billions of business listings, and over one million national and local advertisers.

Spots are limited so reserve your seat today!

Mobile Projected to Represent Half of Facebook’s Ad Revenue in Q4 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A new forecast from JP Morgan projects that mobile advertising will climb to more than half of Facebook’s total ad revenue in the fourth quarter of 2013, and reach 60% by 2014.

Over the past year, Facebook has put a heavy focus on building out its mobile offerings. This latest projection shows that investment is beginning to pay off – and represents the future of how the social network will make money. Local businesses seeking to engage consumers via Facebook and other social networking and local sites should make sure that their strategies address this fast-growing platform – especially as it becomes a much more crowded field of national and local competitiors.

This news comes amid Facebook’s rumored introduction of newsfeed video advertising. The rollout has yet to take place, but the prospect of increased video advertising is buzzing across the ad industry. While big brands are being targeted as the first to adopt the medium, we’ll be keeping a close eye out for when and how local businesses get on board.

SoMoConf: YP, Local Market Launch, DexMedia, CloseBy Talk Monetizing Mobile

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LSA’s own Neg Norton kicked off this panel with some compelling statistics on the growth in smartphones in the market.  He said that smartphones make up roughly 60% of the entire cell phone market and about 2 in 5 people who own smartphones also own another connected device.

Once the stage was set, Dick Larkin of CloseBy gave a look into a client that was able to significantly increase sales through a simple text message.  With about 6,000 phone numbers in the clients texting list, they were able to generate $12,000 in sales which was a 30% increase compared to the same week a year earlier.  He also gave some tips for text message marketing:

Mark Ugar of YP talked about the importance of understanding the supply and demand curve when it comes to selling mobile solutions.  He said that a plumber in Glendale, CA might have a different cost per lead equation than a plumber in Peoria, IL.  With that being said, YP has developed a sales model that is fluid which has given them the ability to be more flexible with their offers in order to personalize for each market.

Gideon Rubin and Local Market Launch approaches mobile with an emphasis on optimizing business listings across devices and getting listed on the appropriate channels for a specific market.  According to Gideon, with the tremendous growth in mobile local search, optimized, accurate and consistent business listings are absolutely crucial for any local business. On the other hand, Local Market Launch has found that about 60% of the listings for any given business is inaccurate or inconsistent with other listings which is what Local Market Launch works to fix.

Finally, James Price of Dex Media, gave the audience a look into their sophisticated bidding tool they use for mobile.  The tool allows advertisers to set a budget for each month and then bid on ads without ending up spending more than budgeted.   Advertisers are then sent alerts when they are outbid.  Also, he reinforced the importance of business listings first mentioned by Gideon.

The session brought together a variety of ideas on mobile and led to some great conversations.

See you at the First Ever SoMoConf!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Over the next few days, local media leaders will be arriving in Chicago for our first ever Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! conference.  In partnership with Borrell Associates and the Local Media Association, we have assembled some great speakers from the leaders in social and mobile like Facebook, YP, xAd, Google, comScore and many more.  We’re definitely looking forward to learning, sharing and networking in the windy city!

Many have made the decision to join us for what is going to be a great conference focused on monetizing the many tools found in the social and mobile space.  We are looking forward to seeing the latest best practices, research, analysis, case studies, strategies and trends that are helping companies make more money with these tools.

If you’re charged with growing social and/or mobile revenues at your local media organization, then you don’t want to miss this conference.  We’ll be live blogging throughout the conference here at Local Search Insider and live tweeting via @LocalSearchAssn using hashtag #SoMoConf. Be sure to follow us and join in on the conversation. See you in Chicago!

Webinars on Display Ads and Mobile Location-Based Ads Now Live on YouTube

Monday, August 19, 2013

We recently uploaded interesting webinar presentations from Mediative and Moasis to our YouTube channel.  Check them out:

In this webinar, Mediative explained how to leverage real-time bidding to reach the right person, at the right time and place with targeted display advertising across desktop and mobile platforms.

The New Era of Targeting Local Customers with Display Advertising via Desktop and Mobile

The mobile experts at Moasis showed the importance of location when it comes to targeting consumers with mobile ads and promotions.  They also looked at how to leverage local events/activities to improve the relevance and timeliness of mobile campaigns.

Reaching Nearby Customers with Mobile Location-Based Technology for SMBs

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Find Out What a Text Message is Worth at SoMoConf

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gordon Borrell, CEO of Borrell Associates, returns to blog on the Local Search Insider.  He is ranked in the top 2% among Gerson Lehrman Group’s 150,000 consultants worldwide and is quoted frequently in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Ad Age, Forbes and other publications. He has appeared on CNN and other TV and radio programs discussing trends and forecasts for local media.

Dick Larkin has discovered a magical number for text messaging, and it is $5.71.

Larkin started in 2011 with a simple plan to sell text-messaging to SMBs.  Two years later, CloseBy Text Marketing has raked in $4 million and given his yellow pages company invaluable information on how to make mobile work for smaller businesses.  Eventually, he discovered the magical $5.71.  More on that in a minute.

Larkin is executive vice president of sales for American Marketing & Publishing, which publishes 513 community directories branded as HomePages, mostly in the Midwest.  He’s one of the most knowledgeable sales professionals when it comes to SMBs. He’s one of about two dozen speakers who will evaporate the hype and describe what works at the ground level – and what doesn’t – during the Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! conference Aug. 21-22 in Chicago.  (I’ll be attending this conference, one of the better ones I’ve seen this year on the social and mobile opportunity. Check out the agenda.)

Back to Dick Larkin.  He said the $4 million came as the result of a “hard stance” to actually sell a low-price/high-interest program to SMBs instead of making it value-added in a print contract.  The determination to put a price on text messaging may seem perfectly logical, but the brain of a typical print or broadcast sales manager doesn’t usually work that way.  The manager is more apt to either ignore the product (“it’s too cheap for my reps to bother with”) or would throw it in as value-added to make the print contract more attractive.  Instead, the directory reps sold it for $995.  An easy add-on.

Larkin said AMP began learning “an enormous amount … on what messages work.”   There’s a price point (below $20) that “will have vastly better return” for the SMB.  And they found that there’s a very small window of opportunity with recipients:  within 30 minutes of when you want them to purchase something.

“Text is very, very transactionally driven,” Larkin said.  “The easier it is to make a small purchase, within a short time frame of when you want the customer to take action, the better.  The text message is going to be read within 3 minutes of sending, so the content better pack a punch.”

So now for that magical number.  What AMP discovered after sending 20 million messages was that, on average, SMBs participating in the program make $5.71 in sales from each subscriber per text message sent.   In other words, a merchant with 100 subscribers will generate $571 on average every time they send a broadcast text message.

I don’t think I need to write anymore, and I do think Larkin’s session will be very well attended indeed.

Reaching Nearby Customers with Mobile Location-Based Technology for SMBs

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Please join LSA and Moasis for an exclusive webinar presentation next Thursday, August 8 from 2 pm – 3 pm EST.

Jason Mascari, Moasis Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer.

SMBs are looking to increase the sophistication of their marketing tactics and realize mobile is an opportunity for them. During this webinar, Jason Mascari (right), co-founder and chief product officer at Moasis, will show the importance of location when it comes to targeting consumers with mobile ads and promotions.  He will also look at how to leverage local events/activities to improve the relevance and timeliness of mobile campaigns.  Finally, Jason will explain how, for the first time, SMBs can control their own mobile campaigns.

Moasis is a San Francisco, CA based company dedicated to making local mobile marketing techniques simpler and more targeted for marketers of all sizes.   Through its Smart-Grid technology, Moasis enables hyper-local customization and timely delivery of relevant content from marketers to existing and prospective customers. By focusing on the intersection of location-specific data and local delivery, Moasis strives to create lasting products that are easy to deploy and use.

Spots are limited so reserve your seat today!