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Solocal Group Gives Glimpse into the Products Driving Significant Growth in Digital Revenue

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Solocal Group

Last year at our annual conference, Solocal Group’s CEO Jean-Pierre Remy spoke about the company’s transformation from a traditional print directory publisher to an innovative local search provider.  During last week’s webinar, Bruno Berthezene, Solocal Group partnerships and business development manager, discussed the digital products and solutions that are helping make this transformation so successful.

Solocal Group’s focus is on providing local digital media and marketing solutions for retailers and service providers, both large and small.  With this focus in mind, in just six years, Solocal Group has been able to grow their digital revenues from about 34% in 2007 to almost 60% in 2012. Bruno attributed this to a variety of products and solutions but specifically highlighted the following:

  • Web YP: Priority listings in; 1st position for 50% of searches in a activity/geography mix; tier 2 priority listing.
  • Mobile YP: Priority listings in PagesJaunes mobile app; 1st position for 50% of searches in a activity/geography mix; tier 2 priority listing.
  • Free GPS App: Priority listings in “Mappy GPS” free app.
  • Websites: Website, mobile and tablet sites sold together; hundreds of verticalized possible looks and feels; Facebook fan page, photos, video, booking, classifieds, coupons, menus, e-commerce and more.
  • Store Locator: By generating a microsite per retail location, “BRIDGE” increases online visibility of each of the outlets.
  • Direct Marketing: Turnkey DIFM or DIY emailing campaign solution; postal mailing and text message campaigns.
  • Appointment Booking: Real-time appointment booking; fully customizable for web and mobile.
  • Classifieds: Classifieds for the real estate, cars and jobs verticals; visibility within and in dedicated vertical websites.

Check out the entire presentation below:

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Report: Global Mobile YP Market to Reach Nearly $30 Billion by 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Market research firm, Global Industry Analysts (GIA), recently announced the findings of a new report analyzing the worldwide market for mobile Yellow Pages.

The report, which profiles 37 local search companies including YP Holdings, Dex One, Pages Jaunes Groupe, SuperMedia, and hibu/Yellowbook, projects that the global market for mobile YP will reach $28.8 billion by 2018. GIA said that growth will be attributed primarily to increasing use of mobile phones for local search and the local search industry’s push to diversify.

GIA expects location-based services and mobile advertising to greatly expand in the coming years, carving major market share for mobile Yellow Pages.

For more, go to GIA for the full report.

Mobile Growth Adds New Opportunities, Incremental Touch Points With Consumers

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mike Boland, led a panel discussion of high interest – Monetizing Mobile Yellow Pages – with Chung Cheong from AT&T Interactive, Sergio Alvarez from Ai Media Group, and Krishna Pillai from Convergent Mobile.

Boland opened the discussion by providing facts and themes that demonstrate the opportunity in mobile:  63 million mobile Internet users, 29% smartphone penetration, and growing usage that will match desktop internet use by 2014 according.

“The mobile access points are happening when people are away from their desktop or print book, so it’s an opportunity to reach new users or existing users at incremental touch points.”  And the marriage of mobile and social is driving popularity of mobile, while augmented reality apps, voice search, and bar codes add new possibilities.

Sergio Alvarez asked the audience a philosophical question – what’s a mobile device?  Is an iPad a mobile device?  The device landscape is diverse and fragmented, and can generate different results for advertisers and searchers.

Krishna Pillai says it’s important to think about what your end goal is before developing new apps and products in this fragmented market.  “One of the things I tell my clients is to think about what you’re developing.  Look at the audience.  Is it an audience that uses theses devices?  If your application does not use a lot of the native features of the device, think about why you really want to go through all that headache or writing for that device.”

Chung Cheong believes that customized messaging based on targeting – such as time or day or location of the user – is an important consideration for a mobile advertising program.  The difficult part of that approach is that it requires a lot of advertiser input.  “Restaurants or plumbers might be good at food or fixing a sink, but not necessarily advertising.”

Because of the complexity of some of these programs, Cheong believes that for many advertisers, it makes sense for most advertisers to consider mobile another channel as part of a larger advertising bundle and to analyze closely the advertisers that needs a more in-depth approach.

Pillai agreed that customization makes mobile a very powerful channel.  “Because the mobile device is such a personal device and is such a ubiquitous device, users are very welcome to receiving information on their mobile device.  There is a more timely aspect to it.  When a consumer is looking for information, it is for something within the next hour or next several hours.”