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Yahoo Partners with Yelp, Adjusts Display of Local Search Results

Monday, February 10, 2014

UPDATE: Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer announced a new partnership with Yelp on Friday of last week at an employee meeting.  Yelp’s listings and reviews of local businesses will be incorporated into results on Yahoo’s search engine.

In addition, early last week, Yahoo announced that they have added a “noticeably larger map,” business photos and vertical specific business information to their local search results.  According to their announcement, “this is another step towards a faster, more beautiful search experience.”  Much like Google’s local search results, the update adds more emphasis on business photos.



The similarity to Google search results is no surprise considering Marissa Mayer’s long held position as head of Google’s local products before becoming the CEO at Yahoo.

The improved look and feel is directly related to the time Yahoo has spent on improving their business data and information around the world.  The search giant has partnered with many local business data providers and this work is starting to pay off. For instance, just last year Yahoo partnered with Solocal Group (formerly PagesJaunes) to improve their local search results for French users.

The emphasis on local results across search engines continues to be ratings and reviews, but with more rich data sources, these engines can make searching locally a much more enjoyable experience.

‘Search Starts Here’: Backstage Interview with Solocal CEO & President Jean-Pierre Remy

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We spoke backstage with Solocal CEO and President Jean-Pierre Remy about key takeaways from his keynote address and why attending our annual conference was important to his business.

For more on Jean-Pierre’s keynote address, read our full post here.

Industry Transformation – Opportunity for Success

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today’s guest blogger, Paul Plant of Radicle Consulting has over 30 years of experience in directive media and advertising.  He launched Radicle Consulting in March 2010, and has acquired a diverse client portfolio, which he advises on all aspects of organizational and transformational change. He previously spent almost 20 years in senior management at Yell Group, in key marketing, sales and strategic operational positions in both the U.K. and U.S.

I read with interest Neg Norton’s recent blog, which makes reference to Sensis and Solocal (formerly PagesJaunes). His post reminded me of one of ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s great quotes – when asked to explain his extraordinary talent, Gretzky is quoted as replying, “Skate to where the puck is heading, not where it is now.” His quote is a metaphor that many major companies would do well to heed.

The Sensis case study is a sage, and indeed sad, lesson for others to be mindful of, for here is a publisher that failed to grasp the opportunity, despite having more advance warning and insight than any of its peers.

Australia, by being so far removed geographically from the rest of the world, has typically been three or more years “behind the trend” with regard to what else is happening within the industry. Sensis was still growing print revenues as recently as 2009, while most of its global peers were by then facing up to the inevitable consequences of new consumer behaviours brought about by disruptive digital change. Its print business, both white and yellow, held up revenues and high margins for longer than any other publisher. Yet, when the inevitable migration away from traditional media came along, the company was unprepared. Even today, more than 70% of Sensis’ revenues come from print, while digital sales are heavily reliant on the reselling of Google Adwords.

Another worrying factor is that circa 40% of Sensis’ income has traditionally been derived from large premier and national account customers. And as these started to slash their print spend, Sensis simply did not have the digital product inventory available to compensate for the decreases.

Sensis still operates as a division of its Telstra telco parent, which perhaps in part explains its situation, for the telco has not viewed the directory publisher as a strategic asset, and continues to milk the business for its profits. New Sensis MD John Allan certainly has his work cut out if he is to turn the company around.

Solocal (PagesJaunes) did not have the luxury of the crystal ball that Sensis had yet failed to use. That said, they still had the foresight, vision, and courage to embrace the undeniable shift towards new digital products and media solutions.

It will indeed be fascinating to listen to Solocal President & CEO Jean-Pierre Remy at the forthcoming LSA Conference in Las Vegas, when he explains the PagesJaunes success journey from traditional directory publisher to thriving modern digital media provider.

LSA Annual Conference Welcomes Influential Speakers from Google, Groupon, YP and more

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The speakers and panelists coming to our 2013 “Search Starts Here” Conference in Las Vegas include experts, veterans and thought leaders from all areas of the local search space. The biggest names in digital, mobile, social and print media will discuss many strategic and tactical topics that are driving the local search industry forward.

In addition to the great keynote speakers from Solocal Group (formerly PagesJaunes Groupe), Facebook and CityGrid, here are some more exciting subjects and speakers you can’t afford to miss:

SMB State of the Union
Greg Sterling (Opus Research)
Neal Polachek (Industry Observer)

Making Transformation Happen
Paul Plant (Radicle Consulting)

What’s Working in Mobile
Tim Garcia (Moasis)
Dan Hight (xAd)
Tae Kim (Google)
Michael Rubin (YP)

State of the Industry
Bill Dinan (Telmetrics)
Neg Norton (Local Search Association)

Print Directories in a Multi-Platform World
Matt Centofanti (YP)
Eric Webb (Marquette Group)
Dave Wolf (Linkmedia 360)
Emil Morales (TNS)

Sales Differentiation in a HYPER Competitive Selling Environment
Bob Sanders (AXIOM)

Building the “Local Commerce Operating System”
Ethan Anderson (MyTime)
Dave Gilbertson (Constant Contact)
Sean Harper (Groupon)
Bob  Gregerson (hibu)

Finally, as announced earlier, we also have some great workshops and breakout sessions with Yelp, Yext, edō, Supermedia and many more.

To learn more about all of our impressive speakers, visit our Speakers Page and don’t forget to check out the agenda for all the great content planned for the conference.  Register today and we will see you in Vegas!

As Industry Transforms, Opportunities for Success

Monday, March 4, 2013

Recently, I’ve watched with interest as many of our members have continued to take bold steps to transform their business models from traditional print publishing to innovative local search offerings.

Just last month, Sensis announced plans to restructure its workforce to meet changing needs and opportunities. The Yellow Pages publisher in Australia eliminated some backroom and management roles, while adding 50 new jobs at a new digital customer service management center.

Implementing this new strategy is not easy, but it is necessary. I was particularly impressed by how John Allan, Sensis’ managing director, described it:

“Until now, we have been operating with an outdated print-based model — this is no longer sustainable for us. As we have made clear in the past, we will continue to produce Yellow and White Pages books to meet the needs of customers and advertisers who rely on the printed directories, but our future is online and mobile, where the vast majority of search and directory business takes place.”

The approach Sensis and many other industry players are taking is one that Solocal (formerly known as PagesJaunes), the Yellow Pages publisher in France, has already pursued – and with great success. That’s why I’m pleased that Jean-Pierre Remy, president and chief executive officer of Solocal, will serve as the keynote speaker at our 2013 annual conference, “Search Starts Here.”

Jean-Pierre led the remarkable transformation of the company from a traditional print publisher into one of the world’s most progressive local search companies. Today, Solocal reaches 90% of French consumers through its portfolio of print, digital, mobile and social products and ranks as one of the top 10 global companies in terms of online revenues, with 59% of its approximately $1.5 billion annual revenue coming from its digital offerings.

There are significant lessons we can all learn from Solocal’s transformation and Jean-Pierre’s leadership. For more information and to register, visit our conference website today.

France’s PagesJaunes Rebrands as Solocal

Friday, February 15, 2013

Solocal Group

PagesJaunes, France’s Yellow Pages publisher and one of the world’s most progressive local search companies, yesterday announced the launch of a new corporate brand – Solocal Group. The name change comes at a time when online revenues are becoming a greater share of the company’s bottom line: today, 58% of the company’s revenue comes from online, a figure that is expected to rise to 75% by 2015. The company chose the new name Solocal to better reflect digital growth and its leadership in online and mobile local search.

Though the corporate entitity will now be known as Solocal, it appears that the company’s consumer-facing products will continue to be branded as PagesJaunes for the time being.

In conjunction with the rebranding, Solocal also launched a new initative called “Digital 2015.” While the company has been rapidly transforming from traditional to digital over the past few years, Solocal will introduce Digital 2015 to fully make the switch. The company’s new objectives will include:

  • Accelerating online growth by specializing offers, focusing on client needs by business category and developing new capacities to support them in digital marketing
  • Enhancing media platform efficiency, fixed and mobile, by providing an enriched user experience and maximizing benefits for clients
  • Adopting a digital, flexible company model, through talent, IT systems, organization and culture
  • Embarking all teams on transformation, to facilitate development both in France and internationally

As you may know, Solocal CEO, Jean-Pierre Remy will be traveling from France to deliver the keynote speech at this year’s Search Starts Here Conference in Las Vegas. We’re very excited to hear more about the new iniative, the new name, and the company’s incredible transformation.

To hear fantastic insights from Jean-Pierre and other Local Search leaders at the 2013 conference, log onto to register.

Yahoo! Partners with France’s PagesJaunes to Bolster Local Search Data

Thursday, February 7, 2013


One of the big predictions when Marissa Mayer took the helm at Yahoo! last summer was that the company would increase its focus on local. While Meyer countered several months later that local wouldn’t be among Yahoo!’s priorities, a joint announcement by Yahoo! and PagesJaunes last week indicates the company isn’t steering clear of local search completely.

Yahoo! and PagesJaunes, France’s Yellow Pages publisher and a major innovator in the local search space, agreed to a partnership that will give Yahoo! access to the millions of local business listings in PagesJaunes’ arsenal. The move will not only help improve Yahoo!’s search results, it will also increase visibility for PagesJaunes already popular business listings. PagesJaunes’ print, online and social products reach more than 90% of French consumers.

During Yahoo’s most recent earnings call, Mayer identified Yahoo!’s three near-term priorities: “increasing usage, growing our international presence and appealing to a broader demographic of users.” It’s clear that an important part of Yahoo!’s international growth depends on supplying its search engine with the comprehensive and accurate business listings that PagesJaunes and other Yellow Pages and local search companies provide.

As some of you may know, PagesJaunes’ CEO, Jean-Pierre Remy, will be traveling to the U.S. to deliver the keynote speech at our annual Search Starts Here conference in April. We’re honored to have Jean-Pierre with us so that he can share how he transformed PagesJaunes from a traditional print publisher into one of the world’s most progressive local search companies. Visit our conference website for more information.

PagesJaunes Groupe President and CEO Jean-Pierre Remy to Delivery Keynote at LSA Annual Conference

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We are really fortunate to have secured a phenomenal keynote speaker for our 2013 annual conference, “Search Starts Here”: Jean-Pierre Remy, President and Chief Executive Officer of PagesJaunes.

PagesJaunes is the Yellow Pages publisher in France. Since taking on his role in 2009, Jean-Pierre has led the remarkable transformation of the company from a traditional print publisher into one of the world’s most progressive local search companies.

Recently, MIT’s prestigious Sloan Business School, in association with CapGemini Consulting, conducted a study into digital transformation within large traditional billion-dollar-plus organizations. The purpose was to identify companies from traditional business sectors who had successfully embraced digital technology in order to radically transform their performance. Jean-Pierre’s ability to successfully capitalize on new digital opportunities for PagesJaunes within the directive media-publishing was specifically cited in the report as a model example for the industry.

Today, PagesJaunes reaches 90% of French consumers through its portfolio of print, digital, mobile and social products and ranks as one of the top 10 global companies in terms of online revenues, with 59% of its approximately $1.5 billion annual revenue coming from its digital offerings. In my opinion, PagesJaunes represents one of the greatest transformation stories from traditional to digital media ever.

PagesJaunes’ successful realignment serves as a model for all traditional media companies looking to evolve into forward-looking digital media players.  I encourage anyone who is looking to make a similar transition to the digital world to join us in learning how Jean-Pierre led the transformation of his company.

Visit our conference website for more information and to register for “Search Starts Here,” April 13-16, 2013 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. We’ll be posting additional details throughout this week on the exciting things we have planned for this year’s gathering.

DMS ’10: Give Up Major Metros? No, Ignore Them At Your Peril.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

“That’s where the future revenue is and that’s where the customers are,” said Paul Plant, founder, Radicle Consulting, in reference to the question whether Yellow Pages companies should give up metro markets.  “The innovations going on in this space should give the publishers what they need to address the needs of metro market customers.”

Plant said that publishers must overcome their current reputation of producing print products that are too big and cover too wide an area, are dated, and out of touch.

“Consumers in metro areas travel shorter distances to buy products than anywhere else, so why do we deliver huge directories?”

Plant recommends publishers look at smaller, more compact directories and create online products that don’t just replicate Yellow Pages data, but are dynamic and offer up-to-date content.

Because metro markets consumers are on-the-go all the time, Plant suggests rethinking the sales approach to one that’s 365 days a year, not driven by a 12- or six-month publishing schedule.  According to Plant, if a sales person only checks in twice a year with an advertiser, they miss out on many opportunities to provide marketing services for holidays and other time sensitive needs.

Isabelle Lascombe, marketing director of PagesJaunes in France, says her company has launched a number of initiatives to combat changes in usage of metro markets compared to rural markets, which continue to embrace print.

The company’s research finds that, of consumers in Paris, 16% use print only, 54% use online only; and 26% use both.  Rural areas are quite a different story, where 46% use print only, 15% use online only; and 38 percent both.

As print has changed, the company has looked for ways to cut costs related to print.  PagesJaunes has reduced the number of headings in its urban directories, eliminating B2B headings.  The company is moving to a more compact format that will save paper costs.  It has also launched an opt-out website and changed delivery logistics to produce fewer print directories, and pickup unused directories to adjust counts for next year.

Lascombe said that all printed books are accessible today on the Internet in a fully digitized, interactive format.  The company is releasing three new updates to its iPhone app per year and has launched a branded website geared to the 18 to 35-year-old consumer with maps, streets views, and interactivity with social networks.

Additionally, the company is demonstrating its commitment to print by launching a new mailed directory featuring “emergency” headings related to healthcare and home repairs.

“Metro markets present massive upside opportunity if you get your proposition right,” said Plant.  “Ignore them at your peril.”