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Highlights from 2014 Ad to Action Awards Webinar Series

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

During our webinar series last week, we heard from all of our 2014 Ad to Action Award winners on the functionality, benefits, targeting and ROI associated with each of their products or solutions.

The Ad to Action Awards recognized innovations in local advertising and marketing within eight submission categories that demonstrated the greatest potential for driving consumer actions. We received 60 outstanding solutions that were evaluated by a diverse panel of 14 notable experts, analysts, media and practitioners from across the local advertising industry.

Learn more about our winners below:

Mobile: GeoCookie by Thinknear

Social Media: Likes for Lives by Search Influence

Vertical Specific: Weather Triggered Demand Generation by SMG Local Spectrum

Video: TargetView by Sightly

Deals/Loyalty/Ecommerce: MyTime

Implementation: AdMax® Local by The Search Agency

Print: Platform Agnostic Dynamic Location Based Media Planning by SMG Local Spectrum

Business Listings: Local Listing Manager™ by Rio SEO

Upcoming Webinars to Highlight Ad to Action Award Winners

Monday, July 14, 2014

We are excited to announce that next week we will be holding two webinars featuring all of our Ad to Action Award winners.  Representatives from each winning company will give attendees deeper looks into the functionality, benefits, targeting and ROI benefits associated with their product or solution.

Join us to learn more about these innovative offerings:

Part 1: Tuesday, July 22 at 2pm EDT

  • Business Listings: Local Listing Manager™ by Rio SEO
  • Implementation: AdMax® Local by The Search Agency
  • Video: TargetView by Sightly
  • Social Media: Likes for Lives by Search Influence

Part 2: Thursday, July 24 at 2pm EDT

  • Print: Platform Agnostic Dynamic Location Based Media Planning by SMG Local Spectrum
  • Mobile: GeoCookie by Thinknear
  • Deals/Loyalty/Ecommerce: MyTime
  • Vertical Specific: Weather Triggered Demand Generation by SMG Local Spectrum

The Ad to Action Awards recognized solutions within eight submission categories that demonstrated the greatest potential for driving local business sales and providing memorable experiences to consumers at the end of their purchasing decision track. We received 60 outstanding solutions that were evaluated by a diverse panel of 14 notable experts, analysts, media and practitioners from across the local advertising industry.

We hope you’ll join us!

LSA Member Innovation in Local:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today, we are excited to introduce a new weekly column, “LSA Member Innovation in Local,” that will highlight the ways our member companies are contributing to the next generation of local advertising and marketing. With our more than 300 members in 30+ countries, we look forward to profiling the innovative and forward-thinking solutions our member companies are bringing to market.

For our first column, we hear from, a programmatic marketing platform for local media. enables local media publishers and networks to go beyond reselling generic audience targeting solutions and begin innovating by creating proprietary products that cannot be replicated by their competitors.

We caught up with Donny Dye, VP of strategic partnerships at, to learn more about his company and what they are working on:

What local problem(s) does solve? How?
Until, the efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic media buying was unavailable to local advertisers who typically have small budgets and hyper-targeted audiences. Unlike other programmatic marketing platforms that rely on pre-packaged audience segments, uses unstructured data which allows us to build custom, fluid audiences that meet the specific needs of the local advertiser as well as automate the optimization of high volumes of small campaigns.

What makes innovative?
We understand the unique needs of the local media reseller.  For many of the local media properties we work with, it’s really just a matter of introducing a superior solution for audience targeting, partnering with revenue owners to create unique products for their markets and then training and supporting the field sales teams. While our technology is programmatic, our approach is personal–that’s what really has made us an innovative player in this space.

How does make the local space better for advertisers and/or consumers? understands that your core products are the foundation of your property’s success. Our solutions complement those products–print, television, radio, OOH, direct mail or digital–to increase the revenue they bring to your organization, instead of cannibalizing that revenue. We respect the power of local advertising and the long-standing relationships our clients have with their advertisers. We’re supporting those relationships by creating even more shared value.

What is next in local?
We’re excited about last mile advertising–those campaigns that drive actions that translate into real-world business success for a local businesses. We recently integrated mobile and video real-time bidding exchanges into our already robust display RTB ecosystem. When we combine that with our ability to do hyperlocal geotargeting and instant recency targeting we can really help the local advertiser swing the doors, turn the tables and ring the register.

To learn more check out the deck below and if you have any questions can contact Donny at Visibile Data Visible Success from Local Search Association

Study: $30 Billion+ Opportunity in Internet and Mobile Advertising

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Although TV is still “king” when it comes to both consumer time spent and advertising spend, it is no longer immune to the disruptions being brought about by the Internet and mobile.

According to Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends Study, print (newspapers and magazines), radio and yes, even TV, are all down in the amount of time consumers spend on these outlets. Meanwhile, consumer time spent on Internet and mobile continues to grow rapidly.

As the chart above shows, advertising spend today is not aligned with current media consumption. For example, print represents 19% of total advertising spend, even though it receives just 5% of total time spent by consumers. On the flip side, mobile represents just 4% of total advertising spend, despite it receiving 20% of total time spent by consumers.

There are many other factors such as quality of leads and ROI that factor into the allocation of ad spend.   Nevertheless, closing the gaps between Internet and mobile time spent and advertising spend represents a whopping $30B opportunity in the U.S.  This presents local advertising companies with the chance to develop effective solutions in a rapidly growing market.

The study also highlights how more time spent on mobile devices is leading to a significant influx of consumer content. With the rise of more “uploadable/findable/sharable/real-time data” many new businesses are using crowdsourcing to help consumers “do old things in new ways.”  For instance, hailing a cab, booking a hotel and even satellite radio are completely different experiences because of apps like Uber, Airbnb and Spotify.

The report also discusses societal trends emerging from the increasing amount of activity taking place on mobile devices. When it comes to photos alone, more than 1.8 billion are shared via mobile each day.  What’s more, a staggering two-thirds of “digital universe” content is consumed and created by consumers.

Overall, the study highlights much of what we already know about the changing digital landscape: mobile device usage and adoption continues to grow and is changing the way we get things done. Additionally, the report notes how we are becoming a more visual society with social picture sharing platforms and online video becoming increasingly popular. What will be interesting to see is how local advertising agencies and companies bring traditional advertisers into these new forms of media.

LSA|14: Ad to Action Awards Winners Announced!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today we are thrilled to announce the winners of our inaugural Ad to Action Awards, a new awards competition we developed to foster new ideas and stimulate thinking to bring to market the best local advertising products.

The awards recognized new or recently introduced solutions within eight submission categories that demonstrated the greatest potential for driving local business sales and providing memorable experiences to consumers at the end of their purchasing decision track.

Local advertising providers submitted 60 outstanding solutions for evaluation by a diverse panel of 14 notable experts, analysts, media and practitioners from across the local advertising industry. Our judges reviewed submissions and selected finalists and winners for each category based on those that were most compelling and best address current market needs.

So without further ado, this year’s winners include:

  • Business Listings: Local Listing Manager™ by Rio SEO. Rio SEO’s Local Listing Manager software is the only available solution that can deliver unlimited optimized local business data via bulk feed or API to all the major search engines and data aggregators.
  • Mobile: GeoCookie by Thinknear. The GeoCookie identifies location context, groups location categories and stores data in a usable format that can be accessed in real-time.
  • Social Media: Likes for Lives by Search Influence. The Likes for Lives program is a Facebook fan building initiative that encourages targeted audiences to ‘like’ a company’s Facebook page in exchange for a donation to a choice of non-profit organizations benefiting breast cancer awareness/research.
  • Print: Platform Agnostic Dynamic Location Based Media Planning by SMG Local Spectrum. SMG Local Spectrum’s dynamic tool generates ranking reports that help determine the best directories to advertise in based on a client’s key performance indicators, new and existing locations, rural versus urban locations, budgets, proprietary zip code level data and custom publisher negotiated discounts.
  • Vertical Specific: Weather Triggered Demand Generation by SMG Local Spectrum. SMG Local Spectrum’s solution leverages real-time weather event triggers such as cold temperatures and natural disasters to serve relevant hyper-local messaging via online advertising formats.
  • Video: TargetView by Sightly. TargetView generates hundreds of scalable, affordable, localized video ads for all locations in a brand’s network, using clients’ existing creative or assets from its library and stock sources.
  • Deals/Loyalty/Ecommerce: MyTime. The MyTime website and mobile app allows users to find a business, check availability, read reviews and book appointments in seconds.
  • Implementation: AdMax® Local by The Search Agency. AdMax® Local is a fully automated search engine marketing solution that enables small businesses to benefit from high quality and profitable local search campaigns by producing, managing and reporting on hyper-local, optimally structured, highly relevant and performance-focused SEM campaigns.

Following the awards announcement, winners were invited to a private luncheon with conference speaker Steve Wozniak, the Silicon Valley icon and Apple co-founder, to discuss their solutions and plans for bringing them to market.

Beginning next month, winners will be assigned a dedicated LSA team to secure broad industry support in testing, partnering and promoting their products so they have the best shot of succeeding in the marketplace. Winners will also be highlighted in our communications with members and other industry leaders and influencers, in ongoing outreach to business and tech reporters, and through our digital and social media channels.

Congratulations to this stellar group on your contributions to our industry!

Leading in Local: Yellow Media and YP Discuss Transformation to Digital Business

Monday, September 16, 2013

During a time when many customers have already or are in the process of transitioning to digital tools for local search, it was interesting to hear from two directory companies on how they are responding to this industry shift.  Paul Ryan, CTO of Yellow Media (Canada) and Darren Clark, chief product officer and CTO of YP, led the discussion titled, “The view from the CTO’s office,” at BIA/Kelsey’s Leading in Local conference last week.

Darren talked about how today’s marketing decisions are often driven by new technologies.  Since branching off from AT&T, YP has brought their product and technology departments under one roof which has made it easier for them to grow their digital offerings. YP is experiencing 20% year over year growth in their digital business and the rate is even higher in mobile.

Similarly, digital makes up about 45% of Yellow Media’s business and they expect to be at 50/50 by the end of the year.  They are in the process of retooling their infrastructure to retain rich content of their SMB clients.  This is much different than their print products which are thrown out and replaced each year.  Having this rich content will allow Yellow Media to better design their products and solutions with the consumer in mind.

Darren gave a high level look at YP’s focus which is based around presence, performance and leads.  By succeeding in these areas, Darren thinks YP will be able to help SMB’s connect more effectively with their customers which has always been central to both of these publisher’s businesses.

In addition, while they both find partnering to be important for their businesses, a clear priority is growing their digital business.  Paul said that Google is losing share in Canada because of all the innovative options that exist for consumers, presenting a tremendous opportunity for Yellow Media.

The analogy stated by the moderator of the session to describe how these directory pubs are approaching their legacy products is that they are building a new house while the old house still exists.  To them, digital solutions are the future of local search and they are building their businesses around existing and emerging digital technologies.

What You Need to Bring to ‘Search Starts Here’ in Vegas

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The “Search Starts Here” Conference in Vegas is quickly approaching and we are just 11 days away.  Help us spread the word and let the Twitter world know you’re coming by using the #SearchStartsHere hashtag.

But before you make your way to Vegas, we want to make sure you are prepared.  Here are some things you are going to want to bring:

  • Business Cards: With an expected attendance of around 400 people and a variety of networking events, you’re going to need a lot of business cards to pass out.
  • Bathing Suit: With the poolside Strategic Exchange Session (SES) cabanas, you might want to take a dip and cool off between meetings because the temperature is looking to be in the upper 70s and 80s.
  • Lucky Rabbit’s Foot: If you have anything that will improve your chances of winning, then bring it.  You can also improve your odds of winning an iPad mini. Each time you get a friend, co-worker, vendor or business partner to sign up for our conference, you will be entered into a raffle for an iPad mini. Just make sure they submit your name and company in the appropriate field when they register.
  • Black and White, Business Casual Attire: This year’s Industry Excellence Awards theme is “A Night in Black and White.”  Come see some of the most innovative and creative work taking place in the local search space as we honor our winners with a brief black and white movie.
  • Chargers: The 4 day, jam-packed agenda is will give you plenty of strategic and tactical insight that you’re going to want to take notes on. Come see our influential speakers and workshops with a full charge.
  • Golf Clubs: This year’s conference golf tournament is sponsored by the Yellow Pages Group and will be held at the beautiful Arroyo Golf Club nestled alongside the breathtaking Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.
  • Cocktail Attire: Dress up and get pictures with some special guests, enjoy some food and drinks, and take advantage of even more opportunities to network during the Viva Las Local Cocktail Reception and Dinner.
  • Smartphone: The updated LSA mobile app also acts as your personal concierge for the conference. Find out who the next speaker is, where the workshops are being held or get the phone number of a company that you want to do business with, all from your phone!
  • Questions: Be ready to get concentrated access to executives and the many influential local search pros while at the conference.  Pick their brains, get their insight and make the partnerships you need to drive your organization forward.

In addition, TODAY is the last day to take advantage of our special room rate at Planet Hollywood. After today, the price will increase! When booking your room, simply use the attendee group code “SMLSA3″ to guarantee the rate. BOOK ONLINE or you can call the hotel directly at (866) 317-1829.

Register today and we will see you in Vegas!

Top 10 Reasons to Come to ‘Search Starts Here’ Conference April 13-16 in Vegas

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our conference has really come together nicely and with such great content, it got me thinking about all the compelling reasons local search professionals should come.  Here is my top 10 and while it doesn’t capture every benefit of attending, it gives a good glimpse into the relevancy and importance of our event.

10. Venue: The dynamic Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in the heart of Las Vegas is a one-of-a-kind venue for a one-of-a-kind conference. Book your room today!

9. Las Vegas: Shows, clubs, dining, tours, shopping, gaming, golf, spas, hiking, attractions and more! Take in the great content of our conference while taking advantage of the exciting city of Las Vegas.

8. Industry Excellence Awards: See some of the most innovative and creative work taking place in the local search space during the Industry Excellence Awards.

7. Strategic Exchange Sessions: Whether you registered for an SES or not, these are great for networking and making connections with executives from influential local search companies. There are still tables and poolside cabanas available. For more info, check out our SES Brochure or contact Terri Stabnick ( today at (248) 244-0743.

6. Networking Events: With all the networking events planned for the conference, you can catch up with old friends, make some new ones, and, most importantly, develop partnerships with the companies that will help drive your business forward.

5. Vegas: Just in case you forgot, the conference is in Vegas!

4. Workshops: The subject matter and panelists for this year’s workshops are particularly relevant.  Come learn about the latest and greatest technologies and innovations that are impacting areas such as mobile, SEO, social media and more.

3. Speakers: The biggest names in digital, mobile, social and print media will discuss many strategic and tactical topics that are driving the local search industry forward.

2. Attendees: With an expected attendance of about 400 people, our conference puts all of the biggest names in local search in one place.  Don’t miss your chance to network with this influential group.

1. Search Starts Here: Local search is evolving and so are you. Get ahead of the latest trends and be part of the conference that influences the industry. Search truly does start here…

We look forward to seeing you there!  Register today.

LSA Annual Conference Welcomes Influential Speakers from Google, Groupon, YP and more

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The speakers and panelists coming to our 2013 “Search Starts Here” Conference in Las Vegas include experts, veterans and thought leaders from all areas of the local search space. The biggest names in digital, mobile, social and print media will discuss many strategic and tactical topics that are driving the local search industry forward.

In addition to the great keynote speakers from Solocal Group (formerly PagesJaunes Groupe), Facebook and CityGrid, here are some more exciting subjects and speakers you can’t afford to miss:

SMB State of the Union
Greg Sterling (Opus Research)
Neal Polachek (Industry Observer)

Making Transformation Happen
Paul Plant (Radicle Consulting)

What’s Working in Mobile
Tim Garcia (Moasis)
Dan Hight (xAd)
Tae Kim (Google)
Michael Rubin (YP)

State of the Industry
Bill Dinan (Telmetrics)
Neg Norton (Local Search Association)

Print Directories in a Multi-Platform World
Matt Centofanti (YP)
Eric Webb (Marquette Group)
Dave Wolf (Linkmedia 360)
Emil Morales (TNS)

Sales Differentiation in a HYPER Competitive Selling Environment
Bob Sanders (AXIOM)

Building the “Local Commerce Operating System”
Ethan Anderson (MyTime)
Dave Gilbertson (Constant Contact)
Sean Harper (Groupon)
Bob  Gregerson (hibu)

Finally, as announced earlier, we also have some great workshops and breakout sessions with Yelp, Yext, edō, Supermedia and many more.

To learn more about all of our impressive speakers, visit our Speakers Page and don’t forget to check out the agenda for all the great content planned for the conference.  Register today and we will see you in Vegas!

Louisiana’s SunShine Pages Relaunches as Sunshine Media

Monday, July 30, 2012

To better showcase its wide array of local search offerings, Louisiana firm, SunShine Pages, this week relaunched as Sunshine Media.

“The new name is more reflective of our expanded online offerings, coupled with our highly successful print directories, providing our clients a diverse directional marketing tactical lineup,” said Joshua Descant, General Manager.

Sunshine serves more than 300 local communities throughout South Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf region with its 1.7 million print directories and online and mobile offerings.

In the same vein as our national campaign, Local Pays Off, Sunshine Media has rolled out a community campaign – “We Are Local” – in conjunction with the rebrand announcement. The campaign aims to build a stronger local business community in the Gulf region through education and awareness. Check out the campaign’s new microsite at and see the brand new ad below.

Go to for more.