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The Key to Success in Local Lies In A Vertical Approach

Monday, July 22, 2013

In my Local Search column on Search Engine Land posted today, I discuss the increasingly critical role of vertical offerings in the local search experience: not only in attracting customers and directing them to relevant business listings, but also in providing consumers with the necessary tools to evaluate and directly make purchases.

In my post, I overview recent developments involving key local players – specifically Yelp – that are implementing initiatives that simplify, speed up and complete the path to purchase. I then offer recommendations for local businesses to ensure they are able to capture these new lead opportunities.

Read my column on Search Engine Land by clicking here.

Expert: Integrating Social Media into Local SEO Strategy is a Must

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Search Engine Land

I saw a great piece last week on Search Engine Land by Trond Lyngbø, a senior SEO strategist at Metronet Norge, on the importance of factoring social media and reputation management into local SEO strategy.  With social media playing an increasingly integral role in not only local marketing but in society generally, local businesses need to ensure their social media presence is positive and highly visible in results on Google, Bing and other major search engines.

Lyngbø urges SMBs to better integrate social media into their marketing strategies, pointing to several specific considerations:

1. Social media can improve SEO impact

Online discussions can spread virally, allowing news about a business to reach farther and wider than what could previously be achieved through traditional means. The more discussion a business generates, the more prominently it will be placed in search results.

2. Social media leads to offline sales

Many consumers do their research online, and then go on to make purchases offline. Local businesses that generate discussion online will be highly ranked in local search results, which can in turn drive offline sales in their stores.

3. Social media is constantly evolving

With new platforms, services, and trends emerging all the time, keeping up can seem like a daunting task.  SMBs should stay abreast of changing developments and consider hiring a social media consultant to help devise the best strategy to stay current and maximize potential.

4. Social media’s effect is wide-reaching and long-lasting

SMBs should manage their social media presence wisely, as perceptions (positive and negative) created online can often last far longer than those created by word of mouth.

Check out Lyngbø full column at Search Engine Land.

8 Keys To A Successful Local Business Website

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In our Locals Only column on Search Engine Land this month, I discuss the importance of the website in driving a successful online presence for local businesses.

The vast majority of SMBs today are struggling to develop a site that can easily be found in search and that provides the information, engagement and trust that consumers are looking for. The result presents potential missed opportunities for SMBs to attract quality leads from the digital and mobile sources where consumers are increasingly searching for local business information.

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10 Questions Local Businesses Should Answer When Considering Online Deals

Monday, March 4, 2013

If you’ve followed headlines about the online deals space over the past year, you might wonder if the phenomenon has lost its appeal.

In our monthly Locals Only column on Search Engine Land, I discuss that while the industry is facing challenges, both local businesses and consumers continue to see promise in the medium. I lay out 10 key questions that local businesses should consider when deciding whether an online deal makes sense for them.

Read my full column at Search Engine Land.

How Local Businesses Can Leverage New Facebook & Foursquare Features

Thursday, February 7, 2013


In our monthly Locals Only column on Search Engine Land, I discuss new features recently announced by Facebook and Foursquare that will drastically change the ways local businesses leverage the social networks to build customer loyalty and drive new sales.

The new offerings, which include the introduction of Graph Search by Facebook and greater business access to customer information on Foursquare, will provide local businesses with new opportunities as well as challenges. In the column, I overview both changes and outline tips for how local businesses can and should adapt.

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Five Steps To Successfully Navigate Negative Online Reviews

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I recently came across an interesting story about a D.C. contractor that filed a $750,000 Internet defamation lawsuit against a former customer for negative reviews she posted on Yelp and Angie’s List.

The case, which has made national headlines, raises important questions about how local businesses can and should respond when they feel they are unfairly targeted by negative reviews. As we all know, these reviews are playing an increasingly critical role in how consumers select local businesses.

In our monthly Locals Only column on Search Engine Land, I argue that the damage of negative reviews on a business’ reputation cannot be amended through litigation. I believe the long-term consequences of the D.C. contractor’s proactive legal response will be much more troublesome than if the business took a more measured approach focused on addressing its customer’s concerns.

Read the column for my full take on the case, as well as my five suggested steps to successfully navigating negative online reviews.

7 Key Takeaways From BIA/Kelsey’s ILM Conference

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In my Locals Only column posted today on Search Engine Land, I shared 7 key takeaways from BIA/Kelsey’s jam-packed ILM West conference last week in Los Angeles.

As we head into 2013, local businesses have some important trends to consider when developing their marketing plans. The ways in which consumers are both searching and finding local businesses are rapidly changing, and local businesses and marketers are quickly adapting to take advantage of new opportunities to drive business in the door.

Read my full column on Search Engine Land.

Five Areas That Demonstrate The Growing Potential of Local Search

Monday, November 12, 2012

In my monthly column on Search Engine Land, I discuss the results of an interesting new national survey sponsored by YP entitled “How Consumers Are Using Local Search.”

The survey, which was conducted by immr and Street Fight, asked 1,100 respondents questions about how they search and what they search for across 11 business categories. As I discuss in my column, the survey responses both enhance our understanding of local search behavior and confirm our conviction that small businesses benefit from implementing dynamic and comprehensive local advertising strategies.

My five key takeaways from the study include:

  • As more digital devices become available, local search volume will continue to rise
  • Mobile and tablet searches are increasing towards PC levels
  • Local searches require that local business provide more complete content
  • “Local” is not clearly defined, since consumers are willing to travel further for products and services when they believe its beneficial
  • While a large share of consumers use local search regularly, there is a group of “avid local search users” who use local search tools much more extensively than others.

Check out the full survey results in my column on Search Engine Land.

Why It’s Time for Local SMBs To Get On Board With Mobile

Monday, October 15, 2012

In my Local Search column on Search Engine Land this month, I talk about the importance of educating local SMBs about integrating mobile into their marketing strategies.

While attending BIA/Kelsey’s SMB Digital Marketing 2012 Conference in Chicago last month, I was surprised by the results of a recent LCM study, which showed that only 20 percent of local businesses said they have experience with mobile marketing.

As those in our industry know so well, the number of consumers searching for local information on their mobile devices is growing by leaps and bounds. Local businesses need to learn about the basic concepts of local mobile advertising and its potential.

Click here to read my full column on Search Engine Land.

Five Steps To Integrate Visual Content Into Your Social Media Strategy

Monday, September 17, 2012

In a column posted today on Marketing Land, I discuss the growing importance of visual content in a local business’ social media strategy.

In the past year, the unbelievable growth of visually focused sites like Instagram and Pinterest, the redesign of Facebook with the introduction of Timeline and the cover photo, and the rapid increase in use of smartphones with high-resolution cameras have highlighted changing consumer preferences in favor of images over text in the digital space.

In the piece, I offer five steps for local businesses to join the visual revolution online. Click here to read my full column.