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Malcolm Gladwell Imagines A Digital World Where Paper Is Invented

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I’d like to echo Stephanie’s comments and others that I have heard and read praising Gladwell’s presentation and his ability to connect the messages in his best selling books to the real-time challenges and opportunities in the Yellow Pages industry.

One particular point he made really resonated with me and I’m sure with others. When asked his opinion about the future of print media Gladwell presented the following scenario – imagine that computers were invented 100 years ago and paper only yesterday. Then someone hands you a printed newspaper. You think – wow – this is really cool. I don’t need to charge it, plug it in, worry about batteries, can toss the sections I like in my bag, write on it, tear out articles and share them with friends … all for about 25 cents! You wouldn’t throw away your computer but you would appreciate the attributes of this new technology.

Bottom line, Yellow Pages should continue to embrace delivering leads regardless of platform but a media mix that doesn’t include traditional print advertising is simply not a complete mix.

Malcolm Gladwell Inspires on Tuesday Morning

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell, New York Times best-selling author of Blink, Tipping Point and Outliers, mesmerized the YPA audience with his presentation this morning in San Diego.

Speaking to one of the largest Tuesday morning sessions in recent memory, Gladwell used the early days of radio to illustrate what one person with an idea, strong social connections and energy can accomplish.

He went on to describe how our industry is uniquely positioned with consumers as “information mavens” and what that could mean us for in terms of the future success of Yellow Pages.

Informal, entertaining and certainly thought-provoking, Gladwell proved to be the right speaker in the right place, at the right time!

Pat Nichols at Berry said, “Gladwell was outstanding. Kudos for a great choice.” Greg Sterling liked it too.

Yellow Pages at the Tipping Point

Monday, April 13, 2009

In an article appearing on today’s Local’s Only column at Search Engine Land, I discuss how our industry is reaching a tipping point, if it hasn’t already passed it.

I intentionally use the phrase “tipping point” because it’s the title of the first best-selling book by Malcolm Gladwell, who will speak later this month at our Yellow Pages Association Conference April 26-28.

As I’ll mention at the conference, the landscape certainly is changing in the local search industry, which has become a booming growth area for both traditional outlets and new media. Google, AOL, the New York Times – they’re just a few of the organizations focusing more on localized content.

Meanwhile, some of the most recognizable social media platforms – Facebook, MySpace, Twitter – also have made a move to local. The fact that these newcomers recognize the value of local search reinforces our core belief in its necessity and speaks well to the industry’s vitality.

In order to win in this new world, we must view new technologies as an opportunity, not a threat. Although we’re facing a global economic downturn, now is not the time to cut back on investing in the infrastructure or marketing that will further grow our industry.

Gladwell will be our convention’s keynote speaker, but attendees will find plenty of other draws. Other speakers include Dave Swanson, the president and CEO of R.H. Donnelley; Kelsey Group CEO Neal Polachek; Gus Faucher, director of economics for Moody’s; and many, many others.
For those who haven’t joined us in the past, we’re offering a first-time attendee discount. Hope to see you there.