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Yellow Pages Publishers Launch Mobile-Optimized Opt-Out Website

Thursday, November 21, 2013

We’re joining with Yellow Pages publishers to announce that we’re making it even easier for consumers to customize the delivery of directories to their homes and businesses.

Starting today, consumers can visit the mobile-optimized version of to manage the delivery of phone directories directly from their smartphones and web-enabled tablets.



The new mobile-optimized version of, managed by the Local Search Association in collaboration with the Association of Directory Publishers, will allow consumers to customize directory delivery from wherever they are – seamlessly and effectively. 

Yellow Pages publishers have always said that it doesn’t make sense to deliver a directory to someone who doesn’t want one. The consumer choice website at is made available by Yellow Pages publishers at no cost to residents, businesses and state and local governments. In order to protect consumer privacy, we ensure that contact information collected through the secure website is used for the sole purpose of updating publishers’ distribution lists and is not used for marketing or sold to third parties.

Please join us in spreading the word about the new mobile-optimized version of

Keep America Beautiful Encourages Use of

Friday, May 31, 2013

As we head into summer, our friends at Keep America Beautiful are encouraging supporters across the country to de-cluttering for summer by following a few tips.

One of the tips offered is for those who don’t want print Yellow Pages directories to limit or stop delivery at For those who do want Yellow Pages, the group asks supporters to recycle their old books when new editions arrive (Yellow Pages are 100% recyclable).

This year, Keep American Beautiful is celebrating America Recycles Day on November 15th, so be sure to mark your calendars! We were proud to partner with KAB last year on their important day, and look forward to doing so again this year.

Find out more about Keep America Beautiful and America Recycles Day at

NLC Conference: Asian Pacific American Municipal Officers Business Meeting

Friday, November 30, 2012

This week, I had the great opportunity to attend the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officers’ business meeting here at the National League of Cities’ Congress of Cities and Exposition in Boston.

Many of the officials represent city and towns in California and Washington, where there has been a high interest in regulating distribution of print directories. I was glad to be able to address the group briefly to introduce the Local Search Association and overview our industry’s voluntary sustainability and consumer choice efforts, including the national availability of

The group was intimate enough for me to also engage in one-on-one discussions with many of the officials to get to know them on a personal level as well as receive some tips on what they felt would be effective outreach efforts by our industry.

Evan Low, vice mayor of Campbell, California and president of the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officers, suggested that our industry take a proactive approach to our messaging so that city officials learn about our voluntary solutions before they proposed ordinances regarding directories. He also acknowledged that neighboring cities frequently borrow ordinance language from one another, so setting good precedent is always important. Gilbert Wong, a city councilmember in Cupertino, California, said that while many city officials are supportive of local business, they also have constituents who have significant interest in environmental protections. That said, he acknowledged that he appreciates businesses that have active sustainability initiatives.

I look forward to building stronger relationships with communities across the country and working together to address our shared interest in resolving questions and issues regarding directory delivery.


NLC’s Congress of Cities and Exposition Kicks Off in Boston

Thursday, November 29, 2012

We’re on-site at the National League of Cities’ Congress of Cities and Exposition at the Boston Convention Center & Exposition Center this week, as more than 3,000 mayors, city managers, city council members, government staff and industry corporate partners gather to discuss, among other topics, ways for cities to build more sustainable communities.

Yesterday, Dex One’s Tim Foster, Yellowbook’s Matt Krug and YP’s Jim Troup set up Booth #1149 in the Sustainability Pavilion in the Exhibition Hall in preparation for the event, which officially begins today.

In the evening, Neg and I attended the NLC’s Board of Directors reception and dinner, where we had the opportunity to meet with a variety of attendees. Notably, Neg spoke with Seattle City Councilmember Richard Conlin about our industry’s desire to work with the City of Seattle to address its concerns about directory delivery and update them on positive developments when it comes to our sustainability and consumer choice initiatives.

At dinner, we had the chance to talk one-on-one with Melodee Colbert Kean, the recently elected mayor of Joplin, Missouri. Mayor Colbert Kean, who is the first African-American to be elected as mayor of Joplin, was a very engaging woman and told us stories about how her city was recovering from the devastating 2011 tornado. She discussed how one-third of the city was damaged or destroyed and that more than 160 lives were lost in the storm.

But Mayor Colbert Kean also emphasized how her city is emerging from the destruction with a new hope and vision. She said rebuilding is taking place with a master plan – including the construction of a vibrant city center – to make the city more attractive to new residents and businesses. As part of the rebuilding, the Mayor said she recognized the usefulness of phone directories in helping local businesses in Joplin attract new customers, in addition to providing residents with useful information to use in emergencies like a storm.

Mayor Colbert Kean did note that she believes some residents would prefer to opt-out of directory delivery. She was so encouraged to learn about our consumer choice website at that she tweeted about it from the dinner table. The Mayor said she looks forward to gauging interest in the tool from her constituents and will report back to us.

A very exciting and productive kick-off to what we know will be a very productive week. Stay tuned for additional updates from the NLC conference!

Local Search Association Celebrates America Recycles Day

Thursday, November 15, 2012

America Recycles DayKeep America Beautiful

Today, hundreds of thousands of people across the country are celebrating the 15th annual America Recycles Day, a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful.

Our industry is marking the day by joining KAB in raising awareness about the importance of recycling outdated print phone directories through curbside recycling and other local recycling initiatives. Additionally, we’re asking consumers to visit to easily select which print phone directories they want to receive at home.

In preparation for America Recycles Day, LSA worked with KAB to develop a toolkit that provides organizers with instructions on how to set up events focused on showing consumers how to control phone book delivery at

Earlier this fall, KAB agreed to feature its logo on, recognizing the value that the national, industry-managed website provides consumers who want to limit or stop directory delivery. According to Brenda Pulley, senior vice president of recycling at Keep America Beautiful, “The Local Search Association provides a very simple solution to reduce your paper footprint with if you determine you do not need to receive a phone book.”

In addition to our consumer choice initiatives, our industry has made significant progress through our sustainability programs. This year, we reached the milestone of 50% directory paper source reduction since 2007 and we continue to look for innovative solutions like using paper made from recycled paper waste and woodchips from the lumber industry as well as soy-based and non-toxic inks, glues and dyes.

Check out our full news release here and be sure head over to to take the pledge to recycle more and see how you can get involved!

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Unanimously Rules: Yellow Pages Directories are Fully Protected Speech

Monday, October 15, 2012

We are extremely pleased the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled Yellow Pages directories are “fully protected speech” under the First Amendment, striking down Seattle’s discriminatory phone book law. Today’s decision will protect all media, including Yellow Pages, from restrictions that hurt local businesses and consumers and cost taxpayer dollars.

The Court’s ruling is good news for residents who find value in the free and easy access to community information, emergency information, and local business listings that print Yellow Pages offer. It is also a win for local businesses that depend on Yellow Pages advertising to drive new customers into their doors.

We believe it doesn’t make sense to deliver a directory to someone who doesn’t want one. Our industry’s national consumer choice program, rather than local government-led initiatives, is the best approach to ensure consumers can control the delivery of Yellow Pages directories to their homes. Launched last year, our national opt-out website at is available at zero cost to taxpayers without the use of government resources.

In light of this decision, we are optimistic the District Court in San Francisco, also in the Ninth Circuit, will quickly overturn that City’s even more restrictive ordinance.

You can read the full Ninth Circuit decision here.

Illinois State Rep. Bill Cunningham and Yellow Pages Publishers Collaborate to Promote in Illinois

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Local Search Association and several of our member publishers are partnering with Illinois State Rep. Bill Cunningham to spread awareness among Illinois residents and businesses about the ability to easily control the delivery of Yellow Pages directories at

In a press release distributed yesterday throughout Illinois, Rep. Cunningham said, “I’m encouraged that Yellow Pages publishers have developed a practical way for Illinois residents and businesses to limit or stop phone book delivery at I look forward to helping Yellow Pages publishers raise visibility for this important resource that provides choice to Illinois constituents.”

Rep. Cunningham is partnering with publishers including Dex One, hibu, The Berry Company and SuperMedia to drive awareness of with Illinois elected officials, community organizations and the public.

Over the past year, LSA and our members been partnered with state and local municipalities across the country to address concerns about directory delivery and raise awareness for our successful consumer choice initiative at A sampling of our local outreach can be found here.

ICMA Annual Conference: Spreading Word about Consumer Choice

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We had a great time meeting with city and county managers and other officials from across the country and around the world at the ICMA annual conference in Phoenix this week. Our booth here received a great deal of foot traffic and enabled us to reach a large number of officials in a short period of time.

In most cases, the officials who have stopped by our booth said they don’t believe that directory delivery is a problem in their communities. That said, when presented with information about our industry’s consumer choice initiative at, many officials expressed satisfaction that the site was easy for residents to use and cost no taxpayer dollars. Several attendees assured us that they plan to add a hyperlink to in the “helpful links” sections of their city and county websites.

I think I speak for fellow industry attendees Tim Foster (Dex One) and Matt Krug (hibu) in conveying the success of our time here and the importance of continuing to promote the ability of consumers to control their directory delivery preferences.

(L-R) Tim Foster of Dex One, Matt Krug of hibu and Gene Wilk of LSA

Jill Jordan, assistant city manager, Dallas, TX, with Gene Wilk, LSA


Update from the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Annual Conference

Monday, October 8, 2012

We’re excited to be here at the International City/County Management Association’s (ICMA) 98th annual conference at the Phoenix Convention Center to share important information about our industry’s consumer choice initiatives. The ICMA conference is the perfect venue for us to connect with city and county managers and other officials who play key behind-the-scenes roles in ensuring the growth and sustainability of their communities.

Since last evening, I’ve been joined by Dex One’s Tim Foster and hibu’s Matt Krug at our booth in the busy Exhibition Hall, where we’ve been meeting with numerous city managers and other officials from not just the U.S., but also Canada, Mexico and China. We’ve been sharing details on the ways we can partner with their communities to promote the ability of residents and local businesses to select their directory delivery options via

The conference is very well attended and it’s great meeting everyone who stops by. That said, I’m particularly eager to connect with two ICMA Executive Board Members who I’ve contacted in advance and are planning to visit our booth. Both are connected to my past!

  • Past ICMA President David M. Childs, the city manager of Palmdale, California. I grew up in the neighboring city of Lancaster in the Antelope Valley of California.  During college, I worked one summer for the City of Palmdale Parks & Recreation Department at Courson Park and the Palmdale Board of Realtors gave me a $500 scholarship to attend Cal State Northridge.
  • Lee Feldman, city manager of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who represents the southeast region of the United States on the ICMA Board – When I worked for Florida Representative Tracy Stafford, we had our district office in downtown Ft. Lauderdale and Rep. Stafford represented much of the city in the Florida Legislature.

Stay tuned for additional updates (and photos!) over the next few days!

SERDC Recycling Summit 2012: Day 3 at the Summit

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SERDC Recycling Summit 2012


Day 3 here at the summit in Point Clear, AL has been incredibly insightful. I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet some great folks and let community and industry leaders know more about the Local Search industry and our print directory opt-out site,

Yesterday, I had the chance to talk with Selma, AL city council member Susan Moreland Keith, who shared a bit about her community. I also met Louisiana State University’s Andres Harris who manages the school’s recycling and solid waste stream. It was great to hear about his work for which LSU recognized as a top green campus in 2010.

I’m excited to see what the lies ahead as the conference comes to a close tomorrow!

The Association's Gene Wilk with Susan Moreland Keith - Selma, AL City Council Member














Local Search Industry Leaders with Andres Harris, Recycling & Solid Waste Manager - Louisiana State University