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Top 5 Local Ad Stats of the Week: SoMoConf Takeaways

Friday, August 22, 2014

As many of you know, we hosted the Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! Conference alongside the Local Media Association and Borrell Associates this week.  With an agenda featuring social and mobile powerhouses like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YP, ESPN and others, the insights were powerful.

In addition to hearing from these social and mobile pros, we also got to hear about some money making strategies and case studies from local media organizations that have successfully navigated the social and mobile landscape.  From mobile apps to social media management, local media professionals are finding a variety of innovative ways to solve the SMB’s marketing woes.

While it wasn’t easy, here are our top 5 takeaways from the event:

  • Not all social media metrics are insightful. For instance, engagement might not mean performance because when looking at article shares on LinkedIn, people actually share articles before they read them. (LinkedIn)
  • Marketing mix matters a lot.  One case study showed that by allocating 16% instead of just 1% of an awareness building campaign budget to mobile, one cell phone developer would have increased overall campaign performance by 12%. (Mobile Marketing Association)
  • The average consumer spends around $500 during the holiday season and there is already a huge opportunity to capture ad dollars during this time of year. (Bing)
  • Digital engagement is almost completely uncorrelated to offline sales. (Facebook)
  • When looking at 10K mobile campaigns, there was a 2x increase in click-through rate (CTR) on campaigns that were geo-targeted. (Thrive Analytics, SMG Local Spectrum)

Be sure to check back next Friday for our next edition of Top 5 Local Ad Stats of the Week. Have a great weekend!

SoMoConf Speaker Spotlight: Luke Edson, VP of National Markets, YP

Friday, August 15, 2014

Today’s Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money! speaker spotlight features Luke Edson, VP of National Markets at YP. Luke drives the development and sales of innovative solutions across YP’s multiple media platforms including search, mobile and display.

Luke Edson, VP of National Markets, YP

Prior to YP, Luke was SVP and GM at Cox Digital Solutions where he managed sales, product, technology, publisher sales, account management and ad operations. In addition, Luke was at AOL for 8 years, most recently in the role of regional sales director, based on New York where he managed a $120M territory that included leading NYC media agencies.

What are the key topics you’ll discuss during your session?
I’ll discuss some of the keys to publisher success and monetization in mobile advertising.  We’ll spend time talking about the importance of data and how deriving valuable insights from location based and other data can improve advertiser ROI and increase publisher monetization.  I want to really zero in on location, data, and insights as they are essential elements for hitting a homerun in mobile.

What about your session are you most excited about?
I’m excited about the opportunity to discuss how YP’s consumer properties and mobile platforms give us valuable data from which we can develop actionable insights that drive advertiser ROI.

Why is it important that attendees not miss your session?
A recent IDC study ranked YP #3 in mobile revenue and we didn’t get there by accident.  I’m going to share how we are finding success and consistently growing mobile revenues – I’m pretty sure those attending the conference will want to hear that story.

What is the best part of working at YP?
Being a part of YP’s transition from a traditional print yellow pages business to full-spectrum digital and mobile media provider.  It’s an exciting time and makes YP a great place to be.

We are just a few days away from SoMoConf so click here to learn more or register now!

YP’s Mobile Properties Attract Users with Spending Power

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

With more than 10 million downloads of its mobile app and approximately 30 million monthly unique visits across its app and mobile websites, offers advertisers a great way to reach consumers searching for local business information via their mobile devices.

Not only does attract a strong cross-section of users, but those users trend younger and carry some serious spending power.  The typical mobile user is between 25-44 years old and makes more than $75,000 annually, according to the latest comScore MobiLens data, although the site has users across all age and income groups.

Source: comScore MobiLens May 2014

Source: comScore MobiLens May 2014

Last year, YP reported $378 million in mobile ad revenue and noted that half of its audience came from mobile devices. Recently, YP CEO David Krantz was quoted as saying, “we were mobile before mobile was cool” – a claim that seems to be validated by the company’s strong mobile performance indicators.

YP is continuing to attract mobile users and driving mobile ad revenue with new mobile offerings, such as its recently released offering, My Book. An alternative to reviews and tips, this new tool allows both mobile and desktop users to create and manage lists of their favorite businesses. With this data, YP is able to provide users with recommendations based on the number of “favorites” each business has.

Krantz has been very public in his comments regarding the importance of YP’s mobile strategy – and rightfully so. Mobile local searches are driving consumer actions and continue to transform the way consumers interact with local business information. In addition, since YP’s mobile properties are attracting users with spending power, they are poised to remain a major local player that offers strong results for advertisers.

SoMoConf to Feature Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and YP

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The top social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest – have made impressive strides in their advertising offerings over the past year. So have the leading local directory providers such as YP. That’s why we’re very excited to hear the latest updates from these major players in the social and mobile space at Social + Mobile: Show Me the Money!, in Chicago, August 20-21.

Both social media and local search have become integral to many consumers’ daily lives. From advertising a local business on YP to posting a sponsored story on Facebook, these tools have the ability to attract the eyeballs of a massive number of consumers – making them great places to advertise.

Just take a look at the average monthly active users for each platform:

  • Facebook: 1.23 billion
  • Google+: 540 Million
  • Instagram: 150 million
  • YP: 75 million
  • Pinterest: 70 million

Come hear representatives of these companies discuss how they are working to make advertising on these channels easier and more effective. While at the event, we will also walk-through case-studies of social and mobile strategies that are driving results.

Check out the agenda to learn more. Through June 30, use the code “SocMob100″ while registering to receive $100 off the ticket price.

Amazon to Launch Marketplace for Local Services

Thursday, June 12, 2014 has plans to launch a new marketplace for local services, according to a report by Reuters.  The new offering will compete directly with existing local market players including Yelp and Angie’s List – as well as home improvement chains such as Home Depot and Lowe’s – which provide resources for customers to connect with local service providers.

Third-party vendors make up about 40% of Amazon’s sales, and these existing relationships provide the critical mass needed to have a meaningful impact in local.  As the Reuters report notes, Amazon will refine the tool much like the company did with AmazonFresh, its grocery delivery service, by gauging demand and testing logistics in local markets before introducing the product nationwide.

Amazon’s move isn’t surprising to those who attended our 2014 Local Search Association Conference in late April. Industry experts Matt Booth, Neal Polachek, and Greg Sterling predicted that “Amazon will score big with SMBs beyond Amazon Web Services” in the near future.

While there are few details, I believe Amazon is getting into the local services space for a few reasons. For one, a large number of consumers are looking for local service providers. According to YP’s most recent Local Insights Report, of the top 10 most searched local categories, seven are service providers.  Plus, there are billions of local searches each month via digital and mobile, many of which are related to local services.

Second, while the local services space is massive, it has been difficult for media companies to turn a profit given the unique needs and offerings required for each locale. Industry observers estimate that the home repair and improvement market alone represents a $250 billion opportunity, and cracking the local services nut presents substantial upside for the marketplace that can do it best.

Finally, as search traffic continues to fragment across platforms, the local services offering that provides the best user experience across the board will have the greatest potential for success.  Given Amazon’s strong brand and standing as a leading e-commerce platform – in addition to its focus on reviews and security – the company is well-positioned to capture the entire purchase process for local services in one place.

While there are many other reasons that we are probably not aware of yet, this is a big move, and we will be watching it closely.

2014 Sustainability Report Focuses on Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural Contributions

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today, we released the Local Search Association’s fourth sustainability report –Adopt. Adapt. Advance. – that highlights our industry’s social, economic, environmental and cultural contributions to local communities.

The report, available here, overviews the value that local search companies bring in helping consumers find local businesses in their communities, which in turn builds stronger and more sustainable local economies. It also shines light on the various ways that local search companies are adopting, adapting and advancing efforts to make communities stronger and better places to live.

The report recognizes our industry’s recent contributions to various aspects of local communities. Highlights include:

  • Social: Local search companies made strides in contributing to the health and wellbeing of communities. For example, The Berry Company held its annual Extreme Community Makeover Day, during which company employees contributed nearly 840 hours of service to community agencies in the Dayton, Ohio area. Separately, YP continued to grow its YP Cares program, which is focused on charitable engagement and environmental sustainability. Last year, YP Cares collaborated with the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to contribute to the development of a new Golden Gate Park CommUNITY Garden.
  • Economic: Local search companies contributed to the economic welfare of communities. For example, directory publishers generated $161 billion in annual economic output and stimulated $118 billion in annual local economic activity, based on the results of a January 2014 study conducted by the Advertising Coalition. The study also found that directory publishers supported 600,000 jobs across the country. Separately, local search companies promoted “buying local” campaigns to support local businesses. For example, Valley Yellow Pages raised visibility for its ongoing “Buy Local” campaign, while Yellow Pages Group launched a multimedia advertising and social media campaign to encourage local shopping and support small businesses in Toronto.
  • Environmental: Local search companies worked to protect the community environments by developing more sustainable products and programs. The industry continued to encourage recycling, resulting in approximately 70% of newspaper and mechanical papers, which included print directories, being recycled in 2012, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Municipal Solid Waste Report. Beyond recycling, companies pursued a variety of other efforts. For example, Dex Media reduced its use of paper for directories by more than 55% between 2011-2013. hibu actively promoted awareness about how to opt-out of print directory delivery to local officials and communities across the country. Separately, Catalyst Paper achieved a milestone by securing more than 90% of its energy usage from renewable content in 2013.
  • Cultural: Local search companies pursued efforts to nurture and protect cultural diversity and improve working conditions within communities. For example, RR Donnelley supported its 34 globally established “Inclusion Work Councils,” which promote an inclusive culture by encouraging employees to share experiences; participate in activities that focus on diversity, learning, professional developing; and highlight different cultural traditions. RR Donnelley initiated a Women’s own Network (WoN) in Chennai, India to inspire women to identify opportunities and help them in professional development, mentoring and special projects.

The report includes additional information and case studies from a variety of local search companies. Our thanks goes to The Berry Company, Catalyst Paper, Dex Media, hibu, RR Donnelley, Valley Yellow Pages, YP and Yellow Pages Group, for their contributions.

Please view the full report here.

YP and Market Authority Discuss Perception vs. Reality of Print ROI

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

During a webinar hosted by YP and Market Authority last week, Matt Centofanti of YP and Tom Maguire of Market Authority discussed that while print Yellow Pages (PYP) usage has declined in recent years, the platform continues to provide a strong ROI opportunity for advertisers.  Most notably, many boomers and seniors – who make up demographics with serious spending power – continue to utilize PYP for local search, in addition to consumers from younger demographics.

Matt and Tom shared interesting category, geography and audience data that highlighted markets where PYP advertising is part of a successful, integrated advertising strategy.

Here are some of the highlights from the webinar:

  • PYP might not be considered “cool,” but at YP, print directories generate about 20 calls per second for local businesses.
  • In metro markets, research shows that consumers think just 16% use the phonebook. But the reality is that ~64% do.
  • According to a Market Authority study, while organic online search is the preferred form of local search in San Diego (55%), 20% said they prefer the printed phonebook.
  • Boomers and seniors have strong spending power, and an impressive number go to the phonebook first for local search. The study showed that 48% of consumers in their 50s, 57% in their 60s and 77% in their 70s go to the phonebook first.
  • When spending ad dollars, advertisers care about three things: number of calls, quality of calls and cost.
  • Depending on category, geography and audience, PYP still has a place in the local media marketing mix.

Check out the entire presentation below:

For access to all of our past webinars and a look at what’s to come, visit

Top 5 Local Ad Stats of the Week: Key Takeaways from LSA|14

Friday, May 9, 2014

Now that we have had some time to digest all of the content that came out of LSA|14, we wanted to share our Top 5 key takeaways from our event in Huntington Beach last week.

We heard from influential speakers that work for major players in the local space including Google, Bing, YP, LivingSocial, comScore and many more.  We also had the opportunity to listen to Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder, which was a real treat.

Given our long list of powerful speakers, it wasn’t easy selecting the Top 5 key takeaways from the event. Nonetheless, here they are:

  • Prediction: The focus in local will shift from consumer acquisition to customer retention. (Back to the Future Panel)
  • “Your smartphone is becoming like a friend – your most trusted advisor in the world.” (Steve Wozniak, co-founder, Apple)
  • Almost 80% of mobile searches end in a purchase, with nearly 75% of purchases occurring in-store. (Gian Fulgoni, executive chairman and co-founder, comScore)
  • Four tips in earning a national advertiser’s business: provide incremental ROI, respect client’s time, get to the point and come recommended. (Alexis Nahama, VP marketing, VCA Animal Hospital)
  • Last Mile Advertising is a new way to talk about “local.” The concept represents locally targeted ads or messages delivered close to the point of purchase that help facilitate consumer actions. (Neg Norton, president, Local Search Association)

Be sure to check back next week for our next edition of Top 5 Local Ad Stats of the Week. Have a great weekend!

Maximizing R.O.I. in Local Media Today

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Please join LSA, YP and Market Authority for an exclusive webinar presentation next Thursday, May 8 from 2 pm – 3 pm EST.

Local advertising is more fragmented than ever and is evolving rapidly. Due to all of this disruptive change, SMBs and national advertisers need help navigating today’s complex media landscape. During this webinar, YP and Market Authority will share unique insights into what is working today in hyper-local media, including a focus on how local search via print and internet yellow pages is delivering strong R.O.I for key categories, geographies and demographic target audiences.

YP is one on the largest local media and advertising companies in the U.S. including Mobile, Online, Display, and Print solutions. Market Authority is a leading provider of research into consumer media usage and advanced sales technique training.

Spots are limited so reserve your seat today!

Top 10 Reasons to Attend LSA|14 in Huntington Beach

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The 2014 Local Search Association Conference kicks off in just 10 days!  Here are the top 10 reasons you won’t not want to miss the premier local advertising and marketing event of the year:

10. Idea Labs: These intimate focus groups taking place on Sunday, April 27 will dive into a variety of topics impacting the local space.  With six sessions scheduled, there is sure to be something that piques your interest.

9. Expo Hall: With 25 companies participating and counting, the Expo Hall will feature an array of interesting companies on display just outside of the Grand Ballroom where the General Session will take place.

8. Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa: Dubbed Surf City USA, Huntington Beach is a mecca of all things surfing. Don’t forget to take in a beautiful sunset as well!

7. Yacht Cruise and “Landlubbers” Party: Whether you’re at sea or on land, these parties are sure to be great opportunities to relax, catch up and make some new connections with leaders and decision makers in the local space.

6.  Increased Value, Lower Price: LSA|14 provides quality, top-level speakers, productive networking opportunities and the powerful insights that you have come to expect from our annual event – available for an average savings of $700 compared to last year’s admission.

5. Influential Speakers: In addition to Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, we have nearly 50 influential speakers booked from companies including Google, comScore, YP, Bing, LivingSocial, xAd, JiWire, Retale and Wanderful Media.

4. Attendee List: Just last week, 54 high-ranking local pros registered for LSA|14. At that rate, we expect to be well over 400 attendees for this year’s event!

3. Ad to Action Awards: We received 60 strong entries across eight categories for our new awards program. You won’t want to miss learning about how these innovative local advertising solutions are driving consumer actions, including calls, clicks and store visits.

2. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: Innovator and Silicon Valley icon “The Woz” will discuss the intersection of future technologies, his favorite new products and his predictions for mobile and wearable devices.

1. Last Mile Advertising: With this new way to talk about “local,” we will bring clarity, definition and understanding to our space.  Come see how your organization fits into the ecosystem, and stake your claim in the Last Mile!

Time is running out! Register today and we will see you soon in SoCal!